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Sony Vaio P Clone

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Everyone knows that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and by the looks of all the Apple clones being pedaled on the web Steve Jobs must be blushing from ear to ear! But what about all the other poor companies! What about their ‘Flattery’? Sony has been sitting all by herself while Apple dances […]

Pimp Lamborghini’s In China

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The title say’s it all!

Ultimate Macbook Air Clone Comes Pre-Installed with Snow Leopard!

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The big question has finally been answered thanks to some good old-fashioned hacking! Yes, those Macbook Air clones you’ve seen on Ebay and gadget blogs DO run Snow Leopard! Not only that, but the chap who has managed to pull it off is selling Macbook Air clones complete with the latest update of Snow Leopard […]

Korean Police are packing a Ferrari a Porsche and a Lambo!

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These pictures have just surfaced of 3 Korean police SUPER cars! The images show a Ferrari, Porsche and a Lamborghini in Police livery. Here I thought the Korean cops would be cruising around in Kia Rio’s or Daewoo Matiz’s! See more images in our gallery after the jump!

Chinese Ingenuity: Bamboo Olympic Stadium

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Every week we will be posting an article, video or image highlighting the ingenuity of China’s ‘Joe Public’. We already posted a video of a home made helicopter today, but couldn’t resist adding these  images of a bamboo replica of China’s iconic ‘Birds Nest’ Olympic stadium.

‘Strida’ Electric Bike

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Folding bikes are big business these days. Thanks to eco warriors and traffic tolls we’re seeing more and more of the tiny wheeled menaces on the roads. Just this afternoon I saw a Lycra clad grown man (possibly around 6 foot) riding a particularly tiny folder with what appeared to be 10 inch gold ‘Bling’ […]

Chinese tablet manufacturer plans legal action against Apple

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Shenzhen’s Great Long Brother electronics company are not happy with Apples latest creation the iPad. So much so they’re planning legal action against Apple if the iPad is launched in China! Great Long Brother’s dispute with Apple is over the ‘similarities’ between the iPad and their own P88 tablet computer. The company started shipping the […]

Latest iPhone clone runs Android O.S

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We’ve seen our fair share of dodgy iPhone copies over the past few years. Most of which have looked the part, but have really lacked in the O.S department. That is until the aPhone a6 came out. An iPhone clone that not only looks the part but also runs Google’s Android. Check out the video […]

Hubless BMX. The future of flatland?

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While you may not see this hubless, spokeless and chainless BMX at the skatepark anytime soon it’s still definetly an awesome project and could possibly open new possiblilies to flatland riders of the future.

Macbook Air Clone for $230

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It was only a matter of time that the giant xerox machine that is the counterfeit market got its hands on Apple’s delicious Air. Keep reading for full details and pictures of the latest Macbook Air Clone.