Daily Archives: March 11, 2010

Ever Wanted to Smell Around The U Bend?

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A video of 2 rather strange looking design ideas, think butt kicking exercise machine and a breathing apparatus for your toilet!! and also a demo of a rather cool touchscreen TV!

Dell Latitude E6400 Running Snow Leopard!

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The hackers have been at it again. This time they’ve managed to get Snow Leopard running on a Dell Latitude E6400. This is of particular interest to us as our Power PC based Macs are getting a little long in the tooth, and a nice 14.1 inch Dell Hackintosh might just fit the bill. Video […]

180hp Xiali N3 Eats GTIs For Lunch!

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The Xiali N3 is basically a Chinese built Daihatsu Charade from the 80’s. This tuner has decided to take this, the cheapest car on the road and tune it to 180hp!!