Retired Nanjing Worker Builds His Own Plane From 125cc Motorbike

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What happens when you combine 106 spare days, a 125cc motorcycle and a retired working from Nanjing? A homemade plane of course!

Although there is no evidence that this homemade contraption can fly Mr. Zhang claims his 8 meter wide flying motorbike has successfully made dozens of flights 7-8 meters from the ground and he will continue to test to get to greater heights!

The whole project was completed in an A team style, with parts removed from other machines and made to work in their new aeronautical role for example levers from an old tractor are used for the controls and parts of a rice milling machine were used in the bearing assemblies.

Let’s hope the next time the 60 year old inventor takes to the sky someone has a video camera handy!

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