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Lenovo Le Pad A2207 announced! 7 inch screen and dual-sim!

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Asus might be currently sitting pretty and reporting 1 million Nexus 7 tablet’s sold each month, but with the iPad mini and now the new Lenovo Le Pad A2207 on their way they could see those impressive figures drop!

ZTE’s Nubia brand launched to take on Oppo Find 5

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ZTE launched a new youthful looking Nubia phone brand yesterday and is reporting that their first Nubia phone will go on sale in December.

ZTE Grand X LTE hopes to be a Nexus 4 rival (it won’t)

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If you like the overall specification of the LG made Google Nexus 4 but feel you can’t live without LTE then you might be tempted by the ZTE Grand X LTE, but be sure to check the specs carefully before making your decision!

Xiaomi M2 Vs. Google Nexus 4! Which would you buy?

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Google and LG rocked the gadget world this week by launching the Nexus 4! A quad-core flagship Android phone which has an affordable $299 price tag! But which is better? The Google Nexus 4 or the slightly cheaper and similarly spec’d Xiaomi M2 from China?

World’s thinnest phone Vivo X1 real photos leaked!

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If thin phones are your thing then the 6.55mm Vivo X1 is the phone you have been waiting for. More photos of the world’s thinnest phone after the jump.

Xiaomi facing component shortages which could delay Xiaomi M2!

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Xiaomi made headlines yesterday with the amazing news that they managed to sell 50,000 quad-core Xiaomi M2 phones in under 3 minutes! However sources close to the Beijing brand are suggesting that Xiaomi are now having supply issues which might upset further Xiaomi M2 releases!

Quad-core Newman N2 goes on sale mid November

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It’s beginning to look like the cheap dual-core Chinese phone has had its day and is already being replaced with low-cost quad-core models with chips from Qualcomm, Nvidia, Samsung and MTK. The Newman N2 quad-core takes the Samsung route and is one of the next to launch and will go on sale in the middle […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clone goes on sale with Jelly Bean!

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Yet another Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clone goes on sale but this model has the addition of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a custom ROM to give the phone a true Samsung feel!

Lenovo P770 MT6577 phone coming next month with 3300mah battery and JB!

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Are you the type of phone user who isn’t to caught up in having the fastest phone in the world and just want’s a capable smart phone with a battery large enough to last a day (possibly more)? Then the Lenovo P770 with its monstrous 3300mAh battery is the phone you’re looking for!

10.1 inch Subor DreamPad tablet launched!

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Subor are well-known throughout China for being the manufacturer behind the nations gaming movement back in the 90s and early 00s with their various NES clones and super affordable home computers, but now they’re back and they are rocking an all new 10.1 inch dual-core tablet!

50,000 Xiaomi M2 sold out in under 3 minutes!

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Xiaomi, the masters of creating demand, have managed to sell 50,000 new quad-core Xiaomi M2 phones at today’s preorder, with the whole stock of M2’s going in under 3 minutes!

More Huawei Honor 2 details announced a Xiaomi M2 Killer?

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Looks like the international press are getting excited about the new quad-core Huawei Honor 2 which we wrote about a week ago. Check out the latest details of Huawei’s Xiaomi M2 killer!

Android powered Xiaomi TV rumoured launch next month

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Chinese super phone brand Xiaomi might now be entering the Android TV market with a Apple TV style set top box which is rumored to launch as early as next month!

Huawei launch the 5 inch Quad-core Ascend D2 to scare off the Oppo Find 5!

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Huawei have been in the news a lot over the past few days with mysterious Windows 8 phones and now the arrival of the quad-core Huawei Ascend D2! More details after the jump.

Beidou teams up with ZTE to launch the $159 Quad-core Beidou Little Pepper!

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It seems the mythical Beidou Little Pepper is back in the news, but this time it is the quad-core Tegra 3 model which has finally been announced by the Chinese eseller and manufactured by Chinese phone giant ZTE!

How to download and install UMi X1 Custom ROM

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Lucky shoppers around the world should soon be receiving their UMi X1 Android phones and as all true gadget lovers the first thing most of you will want to do is to install a custom ROM. Well how about this imitation Samsung ROM which brings the UMi X1 a number of updates as well as […]

Ginoee GN858 features Super Amoled Display and 1.2Ghz CPU for $287

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Ginoee have added yet another impressive Android phone to their every growing line up. The new phone, the Ginoee GN858 is available now in China for just $287 and boasts a Super Amoled display along with a high performance 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU.

JiaYu G2S details and specification leaked

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While many Chinese resellers are currently selling the new updated dual-core Jiayu G2 as the G2S this isn’t actually the case as JiaYu are planning to launch an all new G2S with updated cameras soon!

Is this the return of the Beidou Little Pepper?!

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A few months ago the internet was alive with rumours and news regarding the Beidou Little Pepper phones in both dual-core and Tegra 3 quad-core variants. Well months have passed and we are sill waiting for an updated dual-core model and the quad-core Beidou little pepper to launch but could this Monday bring the news […]

Forget the JiaYu G3 take a look at the Uniscope Small C with Qualcomm CPU!

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JiaYu G3 phones do in fact seem to be arriving with customers around China and to some degree international customers but for those of us who still don’t have our G3’s might I suggest you take a look at the Uniscope Small C with 1.2Ghz Qualcomm CPU!