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Onda V971T dual-core 9.7 inch tablet launched $144

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Onda have been launch affordable tablets all year, and the latest Onda V971T 9.7 inch tablet looks to be one of the best we have seen for the price.

Wei Sijie 97RT retina display tablet gets 2GB RAM and Jelly Bean

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Retina display prices have dropped over the past 6 months, allowing Chinese manufacturer to launch their own high resolution Android tablets. The latest on the market is the Wei Sijie 97RT!

Leaked: Dual-core Baidu Could phone with dual-mode CDMA/GSM

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Baidu are very much the Chinese Google and offer similar services such as mail, maps, cloud storage, music and of course search, so it comes as no surprise that they are now planning their own Android based phone which will feature all Baidu service built-in.

5.3 inch Meox Arc X-5 Specification leaked

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Chinese phone brand Meox have long been rumored to be launching a larger 5.3 inch phone, but it’s only now that we have details and specifications of the new phone.

Newman N2 Pre-sales finish today! Thanks for the notice!

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Newman have just completed pre-sales of the ‘engineering batch’ of quad-core Newman N2’s, and even with little prior notice the phones are all sold out!

All your Meizu MX2 hands on and promotional videos here!

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To say that I’m excited about the Meizu MX2 would be a minor understatement, and the more I read and see the more excited I am becoming! Keep reading to see hands on videos and promotional videos of the quad-core MX2.

Huawei T8830 dual-core MT6517 phone goes on sale for just $104

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Huawei have recently introduced a budget phone to their range, which uses the latest Mediatek dual-core MT6517 CPU.

Umi X1 gets Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM Download Links

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The UMi X1 just got a killer new feature! Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and it’s available for public download now!

Spy Photos: Hike Pandora and Phantom get curved glass display and dual-core chips

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Curved displays on phone are quite common with larger brand phones, but are still a novelty for Chinese manufacturers with the Hike Pandora and Phantom phones being the first to offer the feature!

Quad-core MT6589 Phones arriving Mid December! Full details

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Phone brands Zopo, Neo, TCL, Lenovo and more are all preparing to launch flagship phones in just a few weeks time all of which will come equipped with MediaTek’s new quad-core MT6589! Keep reading for more details!

Meizu MX2 Launch! Full details, specifications, photos, video, release date and price!

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The Meizu MX2 launch party finished a few hours ago at the Watercube in Beijing, and while we though we know everything about the flagship Meizu the Zhuhai based company still managed to surprise us!

How to tell if your Xiaomi M1S is a fake!

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With the popularity of Xiaomi phones, some unscrupulous online stores are selling knock off version of the phones to fool hopeful shoppers and make some easy money. Luckily there are some simple things to check for to see if a Xiaomi M1s is real or not before you hand over your cash.

Leaked: Spy photos of the Newman N2 along with Benchmarks

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It seems that the soon to be released Newman N2 want’s to steal the limelight away from Meizu’s MX2 launch today, and has appeared in these first ever spy photos with benchmark screenshots.

JiaYu G2S with MT6577T CPU Listed

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JiaYu’s latest dual-core Android phone has now been officially listed on the company’s website, keep reading for full specifications of the JiaYu G2S.

Oppo Find 5 screen resolution confirmed at 1920 x 1080 could also get 16MP camera!

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The Oppo Find 5 is one of the most anticipated Chinese phones of the year thanks to it’s high specification coupled with it stunning design. Today Oppo released a video confirming the Oppo Find 5 1920 x 1080 resolution along with other details.

Meizu MX2 spotted outside the Beijing Watercube ahead of launch?

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Meizu fans are already stalking around the Watercube in Beijing attempting to catch an early glimpse of the new Meizu MX2 and it is possible that some have.

Patents suggest Meizu MX2 will get new method of unlocking

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Meizu are hoping to change the way we unlock our smartphone lock screens with an all new system of sensors built-in to the ‘chin’ of our devices rather than using on-screen gestures.

Onda V971 gets MIUI closest we’ll get to a Xiaomi Tablet?

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Xiaomi currently have a few Android smartphones and a (non working) Xiaomi TV Android set-top box, but what they don’t have is a Xiaomi Tablet. Fortunatly 3rd party devs and companies have worked together to bring Xiaomi’s MIUI ROM to tablets such as the Onda V971.

Meizu prepares site for Meizu MX2 launch leaks brief video on Weibo

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It’s 3 days and counting until we finally get to see what Meizu have in store for us with their new flagship Meizu MX2. But while we all wait impatiently for the launch the Meizu team are busying themselves with site updates and leaking hands on footage.

Ainol Novo 10 Hero Android Jelly Bean Tablet

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Ainol made a name for themselves producing great 7 inch tablets which offered the latest Android OS at very affordable prices. Now the company has made the move to larger 10 inch tablets and the results are impressive! More details of the Ainol Novo 10 after the jump.