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Onyx E-ink display Android phone combats sun glare and looks awesome in the process!

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Doesn’t it just make you mad when the bright sun on a beautiful day make’s it impossible for you to see your smart phone screen? Or how about getting to your phone after a few days to find the battery completely drained? Well Chinese E-book brand Onyx hope to solve both of these problems with […]

World’s cheapest Android phone is just $57!

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We’ve been overwhelmed with the amazing dual-core and quad-core phones to arrive out of China these past few months, but lets not forget that China is also home to some amazingly low cost phones too! Check out the world’s cheapest Android phone for just $57!

GuoPhone G9 iPhone 5 clone specifications and photos

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Yesterday GooPhone released updated specifications and more photos of their GooPhone i5 phone now today we get our first glimpse at the GuoPhone G9 iPhone 5 clone, with 4 inch Sharp display.

Quad-Core JiaYu G4 Specifications! JiaYu Fans have their say!

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A few months ago we reported that JiaYu had asked their avid fans to put forward ideas and suggestions as to what they would like to see on the JiaYu G4. Well it looks like the verdicts are in and JiaYu is listening!

GooPhone i5 iPhone 5 clone specifications, photos and release date!

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The GooPhone i5 is the stuff of legends! It is the first iPhone 5 clone to surface BEFORE the iPhone 5 launch, and it comes from the only Chinese phone company bold enough to threaten to sue Apple over the iPhone 5 design! And now after a few months we finally have official specifications! But […]

iPhone 5 owners will wish they got the GooPhone i5 Packaging!

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A few months ago we broke news that Chinese iPhone 5 clone maker GooPhone were preparing to sue Apple should they release the iPhone 5 in China. Well that hasn’t happened as neither the iPhone 5 nor GooPhone i5 clone have arrived here yet, but judging by these leaked packaging photos the i5 is coming […]