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Meizu’s Flyme ROM ported to Galaxy S II & Nexus S

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If you have every used a Meizu M9 or Mx then you will know just how clean and smooth the Flyme ROM is well don’t worry if you want to enjoy Flyme but don’t have a Meizu phone as is has been ported to run on the Galaxy S II and Nexus S!

The ‘Big Cola’ 5 inch dual-core phone costs just $160 comes with choice of OS

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The Big Cola has some great features such as a dual-core CPU, large screen, low-cost and even a choice of either Android OS or Baidu’s Le Frog OS (based on Android), however is this phone a super bargain or is it not quite there?

JiaYu G2S real photo and specifications and Jelly Bean!

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JiaYu are gearing up to launch their updated G2 phone with hardware which could possibly eat in to JiaYu G3 sales! Full details after the jump!

Forget Dual-core The Amoi N809 is dual-battery!

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Amoi have teamed up with Chinese software maker 360 once again to launch a dual-core smart phone, but dual core’s aren’t the only things the Amoi N809 is rocking as this 4.3 inch phone gets dual batteries!