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AONOS A1-330 is a complete Android on a stick mini PC for your TV!

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Android on a stick mini PC systems have really taken off in Shenzhen. These small USB dongle sized devices can plut in to your TV to create a mini entertainment system, however the AONOS A1-330 goes one step further to offer a complete mini PC set up!

Sunle L450 HTC One X clone costs just $200

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Chinese phone brand Sunle are making a name for themselves for producing knock off or clone phones of popular flagship models. This is their latest the Sunle L450 HTC One X clone!

AONOS T5 18.5 inch iMac Clone looks amazing!

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We’re featured our fair share of iMac clones over the past year, but this is the first manufacturer who not only make a great looking product but has also provided us with links to their website for full details, specification and photos!

ZTE Nubia Z5 photos leaked coming this December

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Spy photos of the flagship Nubia Z5 Android phone from ZTE’s new brand have been discovered along with a launch date!

Vivo X1 confirmed for 20th November countdown begins for the world’s thinnest phone

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The Vivo X1, aka the world’s thinnest phone will be officially available for pre-order on the 14th November with phone leave the factory and arriving in people’s hands after the 20th! More details after the jump.

How to manage your dual-sim Android phone

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Hi guys, In this article I will be showing you how to manage your dual sim phone so you know exactly what to expect when your phone  dual-sim Android phone arrives.