Daily Archives: November 11, 2012

Meizu MX2 release date 13th November?

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It looks as if Meizu are getting ready to show off it’s latest Android phone and we could all be getting an official introduction to the Meizu MX2 as early as the 13th November!

Xiaomi TV gold PCB leaked

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Even if Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun hadn’t confirmed the existence of the Xiaomi TV (Android set-top box) we would have all known it was true thanks to the frequency leaked components of the Xiaomi smart TV box appearing!

China’s Windows 8 Tablet arrives to take on the Surface for just $320

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The Microsoft Surface tablet is a pretty affordable device as it is, but if you don’t feel like splashing out so much cash on a Window’s 8 tablet you could take a look at the LiveFan F1 Windows 8 tablet from China at just $320!