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Sunle Windows 8 tablet with 9.7 inch LG screen and 3G coming soon!

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The launch of Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface has really boosted interested in Windows tablets and we are seeing more models than ever such as this super fat ‘business’ tablet from Shenzhen.

Flagship Pipo M8 tablet with Sony 9.4 inch 1280 x 800 display and 3G

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With all the tablets available from quality Chinese brands such as Ainol, Onda ETC it is still surprisingly difficult to find a great tablet which features built-in 3G, luckily the flagship Pipo M8 will get 3G along with a great screen!

World’s cheapest dual-core iPhone 5 clone costs just $128

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If you’re in the market for an iPhone 5 clone and don’t really expect iPhone quality or performance then why not check out this $128 iPhone 5 clone from Chinese brand Flying Fox.

6.55mm BBK Vivo X1 priced at $400 comes with Jelly Bean

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I’m not entirely sure what the guy’s over at BBK had been smoking today, but it must have been some pretty strong stuff for them to launch their latest dual-core Vivo X1 for the astronomical sum of $400!

Win a dual-core MT6577 UMi X1 Android phone!

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Christmas might still be 5 weeks away, but I don’t care I’m in the mood for giving! So how would you guy’s like to get your hands on a FREE UMi X1 Android phone! Keep reading to find out how to win.

Gizchina Exclusive: JiaYu G3 Unboxing and Hands on video!

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Ever since i first wrote about the JiaYu G3 I’ve wanted to get my hands on one of these great looking phones to see if it was actually worth all the hype, well that day has finally come and today my JiaYu G3 review phone arrived! Keep reading for the hands on video!

Rumour: Meizu MX2 could get dual-core A15 Samsung Orion CPU for 14121 Antutu

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The official launch of the Meizu MX2 is just over a week away and while we thought we knew everything about this next generation flagship phone, it appears that Meizu might have a few surprises up its sleeve including the use of dual-core Samsung A15 Orion CPU’s!