Meizu prepares site for Meizu MX2 launch leaks brief video on Weibo

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It’s 3 days and counting until we finally get to see what Meizu have in store for us with their new flagship Meizu MX2. But while we all wait impatiently for the launch the Meizu team are busying themselves with site updates and leaking hands on footage.

If you head over to the Meizu site now you will be greeted with a lage image of a red curtain just before it rises with the ‘MX1127’ logo up top, showing that the company are ready and raring to show off their new phone, however while some busy themselves with site updates other staff have been lurking in the workshops.

A very short (11 seconds) video showed up on the official Meizu Sina microblog last nigh claiming to be of a staff member who decided to hang around late in the night to get some footage of the Meizu Mx2’s new screen.



The video (shown below) doesn’t really give any further details about the phone, but does give me cause to think “why so much emphasis on the screen?”. We already know the MX2 will have a 4.4 inch screen with resolution of 1280 x 800 and will be bordered by a super thin 2.2 mm bezel, but what else are Meizu so excited about?

Up till this moment all the ‘leaked’ details and marketing for the MX2 have surrounded the screen such as the video above and the launch invites which were printed on mock-up screens. Perhaps Meizu have another secret about this phone, or perhaps they are just trying to divert our attention away from something else?


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