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Meizu MX2 Launch! Full details, specifications, photos, video, release date and price!

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The Meizu MX2 launch party finished a few hours ago at the Watercube in Beijing, and while we though we know everything about the flagship Meizu the Zhuhai based company still managed to surprise us!

How to tell if your Xiaomi M1S is a fake!

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With the popularity of Xiaomi phones, some unscrupulous online stores are selling knock off version of the phones to fool hopeful shoppers and make some easy money. Luckily there are some simple things to check for to see if a Xiaomi M1s is real or not before you hand over your cash.

Leaked: Spy photos of the Newman N2 along with Benchmarks

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It seems that the soon to be released Newman N2 want’s to steal the limelight away from Meizu’s MX2 launch today, and has appeared in these first ever spy photos with benchmark screenshots.