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ZTE U887 is a low-cost 5-inch Phablet for the masses

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ZTE U887

Tis the season for leaked flagship phone’s, amazing specifications and equally high price tags, but if you are hoping to bag a 5-inch Android phone for a low price in 2013 ZTE have your back!

Quad-core iPhone 5 Clone to get 2GHz CPU and Android 4.2 for $230

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quad-core mt6589 iphone 5 clone

Since the initial excitement after the iPhone 5’s launch, we have seen very little of the purported Android powered clones which were all over the news at the time, but of the few we have seen this quad-core model could be the best.

HTC M7 could be the One X’s Snapdragon powered successor?

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htc m7 leaked specification

I’m quite fond of the HTC One X. It’s a great looking phone with a fantastic camera and awesome performance, but in this day and age it is struggling to keep up. Enter the HTC One X’s successor the (codenamed) HTC M7!

Update: Huawei Boss Worried Ascend W1 and D2 specification is too high!

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huawei ascend d2 and w1 specification

Great news everyone! Huawei are planning to show off two 5-inch phones at CES in 2013, the Windows powered Ascend W1 and it’s Android brother the Ascend D2. Huawei’s management, however aren’t too excited and are expressing concern over high specs and pricing!

Leaked Nvidia Tegra 4 details surface on Weibo could hint at Xiaomi M3 spec

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leaked nvidia tegra 4 details

It’s no news that Nvidia are working an all new CPU to replace the current Tegra 3, but up until today we didn’t have much of a clue about the chip other than it would be a quad core! Luckly someone on the inside leaked some juicy details.

Xiaomi M2 lottery sales stop! So how do you buy one?

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xiaomi m2 sales

Xiaomi are notorious for their lottery style sales scheme, which has infuriated fans desperate to get their hands on the quad-core Xiaomi M2. But the future looks bright, and Xiaomi are planning to announce an all new method of buying the M2, but what is it?

Ondra P55OT Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Clone with 5.5 inch screen and JB

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 clones are making their way out of the woodwork in time for last minute Christmas shoppers to snap up.