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Please Xiaomi! This Cannot be the Xiaomi Mi2a can it?

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xiaomi mi2a rendering

After reading reports that the Xiaomi MI2a could be a large screen, dual-core M1s replacement with narrow bezel design and Snapdragon 400 CPU, I became quite interested, but if this is the final design I’m cashing in my Xiaomi chips right away! To me the Xiaomi MI2a is going to look like a slightly larger, […]

Retina display iPad mini parts spotted

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retina ipad mini leak

Purported leaked photos of the Retina display iPad mini have been discovered with unveil a few details of the next tiny Apple tablet.

ZTE Grand S price could be as low as $480

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zte grand s price

ZTE big wigs have been openly discussing the price of their ultra-slim flagship phone, and are now suggesting that the ZTE Grand S could retail for as low as 3000 Yuan ($480). In the past we have reported that the Grand S would cost as much as $771, and even had photographic proof to back […]

Xiaomi MI2A to replace M1S could be first Snapdragon 400 phone!

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xiaomi mi2s

Xiaomi could be planning to replace the ageing Xiaomi M1s with an all new Xiaomi MI2A which will feature a new larger display, thin bezels and Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 400 CPU!

Quad-core Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Clone with 5.7-inch display

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5.7 inch samsung galaxy note 3 clone hero

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hasn’t even been launched yet, but that hasn’t prevented China based, Century Electronics Group, from manufacturing a quad-core MT6589 equipped clone! Clones of Samsung Galaxy Note phablets are ten a penny here in China. Some aren’t worth the plastic they are shoddily slapped together from, while others like this Note […]

Xiaomi MI2A accessories discovered on Xiaomi’s online store

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Xiaomi are working on launching their next generation phone, and rumours, leaks and now discovered accessory listings suggest the new phone could be named the Xiaomi Mi2A. Earlier in the week we found images of the purported next generation phone along with details that the new Xiaomi could sport either a 5-inch or 5.5-inch 1080 […]