JiaYu G4 packaging tough enough?

jiayu g4 packaging
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One worry many of us have when ordering a phone online is if it will arrive in one piece or not. Looks like those of you ordering a JiaYu G4 don’t have to worry to much as the packaging looks super tough!

Apparently the chap standing on the JiaYu G4 stood there for 10 seconds with only a little damage appearing, and then they did it again with two people!

In another forum post, JiaYu are asking the very important question (I hope you sence the sarcasm here) of which colour battery JiaYu fans prefer in the ageing G2…

A busy day in the JiaYu offices then!

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Ying Hua
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  • Roger

    Nice phones, but no use to me without WCDMA 850Mhz support.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rkatsie Ronnie Katsie


    • http://www.gizchina.com Andi

      Did you go to the forum post?

      • flashmozzg

        But I did. And there is nothing about it beeing exclusive to G2. It’s about their battery design in general, i.e. for all of their phones.

        • http://www.gizchina.com Andi

          The post about the batteries is in the G2s information forums: 佳域G2s资讯交流

          • flashmozzg

            “Battery appearance, good domain reference the good domain LOGO identify colors – grass green, design new battery appearance, proofing effect picture feature inquiry we are all, please vote in favor of, thank you!” It is in G2S forums, because it’s their latest phone and it will be first to have this new bat. des.. But they are talking about improoving battery design in general, not only for one phone(what would be dumb, wouldn’t it). There is no word about it beeing phone-specific. Just about that they are ready for optimizing and improoving in all aspects including package and battery designs, so they are having a poll.

  • Victor

    Why should i care about the box ? Those 2 guys made totem on the box is soooo …xiaomiism

  • Kurian

    Do anybody know why Jiayu is not releasing the stable Jelly Bean update yet? I have on beta1 for months and still have battery drain problem, netflix app won’t work. Any ideas? If they don’t have frequent updates, I am not getting another Jiayu product