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Abbie is a self confessed Chinese phone addict! After cutting her teeth on the Meizu M9 she hasn't been able to keep away from Chinese phones keeping her ear to the ground especially for the latest Shanzhai and clone news!

Elephone P8000 shipping 25th July source code already available

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elephone p8000 source code

Just as promised, Elephone have released the kernel source code for the Elephone P8000 publicly to devs to get their hands on.

Xiaomi look like they will release the Mi Band 2 tomorrow

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xiaomi mi band 2

Leaked photos this month showed a new version of the Xiaomi Mi Band with added heart rate monitor, now a post today suggests the new Xiaomi wearable could be released tomorrow.

Ulefone offering 10,000 Be Touch 2 in “Snap up deal”

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ulefone be touch 2

Ulefone are sticking to their “snap up” promotion for the release of the Ulefone Be Touch which will see 10,000 phones available at a low price.

Ulefone Be Touch 2 alongside Elephone P8000 for Antutu and gaming test

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ulefone be touch 2 vs elephone p8000

This video has been recorded to show the difference in speed between the Ulefone Be Touch 2 and Elephone P8000, but it also gives us a good screen and size comparison too.

Budget JiaYu F2 to get a 64bit chip update

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jiayu f2

The budget priced JiaYu F2 is set to get a significant upgrade from 32bit MT6582 chipset to 64bit MT6735 processor.

Lenovo get in to the PC stick game with the Ideacenter Stick 300

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lenovo stick 300

For years now China has been home to small USB device that can turn your TV in to an Android smart TV, but with Intel’s help we are seeing more power mini PC versions hitting the market and not just from smaller companies either.

Ulefone working on Flyme, Cyanogenmod for Be Touch 2

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ulefone be touch 2 custom roms

The Ulefone Be Touch 2 already ships with a stock installation of Android Lollipop, but the company will soon offer popular custom ROMs for the phone for users to try soon enough.

That Xiaomi mi band 2 is actually the latest wearable from Zeaplus

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zeaplus band

Yesterday we saw reports of a touch screen version of the Xiaomi mi band 2, but it seems it isn’t to be and those images were actually of the latest wearable from Zeaplus.

Are wearables really selling? Zeaplus think so with the launch of the DM360

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zeaplus watch

With the price of Android Wear devices still quite high, Chinese tech makers are still trying to break in to the market with their own cheaper alternatives. Here is the latest from Zeaplus, the DM360.

Meizu m2 note, looks like a m1 note crossed with the MX4

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meizu m2 note

In just a few weeks time the next Meizu smartphone will be unveiled China, but do we already have our first glimpse of the new mid range phone?

Xiaomi Mi4i wil be available again in India on 25th and 26th May

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xiaomi mi4i

The Xiaomi Mi4i has been offered in India and Hong Kong so far and now will go on sale in India again on the 25th and 26th May.

Android 5.0 for the JiaYu S3 is an unofficial build for now

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jiayu s3 lollipop

Yesterday we broke news that the JiaYu forums had posted photos of the JiaYu S3 running Android 5.0. New details today reveal it is a Spanish developer working on it and not an official JiaYu ROM.

UMi Hammer on just $129.99 with free shipping until 26th May

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umi hammer review

Remember the tough little UMi Hammer we reviewed a few weeks back? Well it is on special offer until the 26th May for only $129.99.

No.1 Sun S2 smartwatch gets a Moto 360 style round display

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no1 s2 sun smartwatch

No.1 are back with another smartwatch. The Sun S2 comes in a more traditional metal watch body with a similar Moto 360 type display.

Xiaomi Mi4i arrives on reseller sites for $289.99

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xiaomi mi4i

For once it is the Chinese Xiaomi fans who are having trouble getting hold of the Xiaomi Mi4i which has already appeared in India, Hong Kong and now reseller sites.

16GB OnePlus One price cut in China to just 1499 Yuan

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oneplus one android

Since the OnePlus One has been on sale for over a year now and a replacement is in the wings the price of the current 16GB model has been slashed to just 1499 Yuan in China.

OnePlus to launch another device on 28th May?

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oneplus box

On 28th May OnePlus will release Hydrogen OS for the OnePlus One, and also a new product that could be a new device.

Nubia Z9 listing shows a $692 price tag

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Nubia Z9

Nubia’s next device is promised to have some fancy tech, but it sounds like it will be coming at a very high price!

Ulefone cut the cost of the Be Pro to $149.99

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ulefone be pro price cut

Ulefone have cut the cost of their Ulefone Be Pro by $20, making the 64bit phone just $149.99 for international customers to buy now.

Mlais M52 price cut to $149.99

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mlais m52

The Mlais M52 has been a bit of a stunner this year. At it’s original price of $159.99 it was a bargain, but now it is available at only $149.99 for the next 20 days.