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Abbie is a self confessed Chinese phone addict! After cutting her teeth on the Meizu M9 she hasn't been able to keep away from Chinese phones keeping her ear to the ground especially for the latest Shanzhai and clone news!

MT6752 Ecoo Aurora E04 real photos and pricing

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Ecoo Aurora E04

Real photos of the Ecoo Aurora plus pricing of the new Ecoo phone are in. Could this fingerprint reading phone be a match for the JiaYu S3 and Meizu m1 note?

Xiaomi Mi Note sells out in just 3 minutes

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xiaomi mi note hands on photos

If you thought that Xiaomi might have problems shifting their high-end and high priced Xiaomi Mi Note then think again as the first rounds of sales has sold out in just 3 minutes.

Alleged Huawei P8 image posted on Twitter

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huawei p8 leaked

A leaked photo posted on Twitter today claims to be of a prototype Huawei P8 with 5.2-inch FHD display. Here are the full details.

Meizu m1 note gets the teardown treatment

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meizu m1 note teardown

Meizu’s budget friendly Meizu m1 note gets the teardown treatment revealing the inards of the sub 1000 Yuan phone plust sheading a little light on some of the design details.

Coolpad IVVI arrives at TENAA with 4.7-inch display not 4.7mm body

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coolpad ivvi front

The Coolpad SK1-01, the phone we believe is the new IVVI phone has received network approval but rather than getting a 4.7mm body it has a 4.7-inch display.

Update: Save $180 off the Meizu MX4 Pro for a limited time!

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save meizu mx4 pro

If you have looked at the Meizu MX4 Pro and thought that it would make an excellent phone if only it was a little cheaper, then this is the news for you.

LeTV tease their smartphone again, possibly coming win Mediatek and Snapdragon 810 versions

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letv teaser

It certainly seems that LeTV are going to head in to the smartphone market, with an audio centric device, as another teaser hits the news.

LeTV launch new mobile and in car OS, but no smartphone of their own

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leui launch

Although a leaked photos of a LeTV smartphone was spotted yesterday, today’s launch only revealed a new mobile and in car OS.

Xiaomi are launching cool wooden covers for the Xiaomi Mi4

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xiaomi mi4 wood covers

Remember when Xiaomi launched the Mi4 and showed off a multitude to interesting covers well they are coming true with some neat wooden offerings up first.

White UMi Zero leaked!

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umi zero white

The UMi Zero continues to be a sellout success for the small mobile phone specialist, but black isn’t to everyone’s taste which is why a white model of the phone will soon be launched.

Oppo R1C teasers suggest full 4G support and Sapphire Glass

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oppo r1c

Xiaomi’s launch is the talk of the town, but don’t forget that Oppo will also release a new phone tomorrow. Here’s what the teasers are telling us.

Elephone P6000 price cut to $159.99, plus this code will save you another $10

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elephone p6000 benchmarks

Talk about passing your savings on! Elephone got in contact today to tell us that the second batch of P6000 will get a price cut and that they are offering another $10 off to GizChina readers.

Launched: Zopo Focus ZP720 is an all new 64bit Zopo Mid-range phone

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zopo focus zp720

Don’t get the old Zopo ZP720 mixed up with the new Zopo Focus ZP720, it’s an all new beast with all new features and alloy/glass design.

Acer Liquid Z410 64bit, dual front speakers for $155 in the US

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We don’t get to cover Acer phones all that often, so it is a treat to post about the Liquid Z410 launched at CES this year with new MTK processor.

Chassis of unreleased 5.1mm Xiaomi turns up at Chinese factory!

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xiaomi mi5

It’s been a day of Xiaomi rumours today and those continue in to the evening with images of the chassis from an unreleased Xiaomi phone in China.

Xiaomi Mi5 cases give us a rough glimpse at next flagship

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xiaomi mi5 case leaked

Silicone cases for the Xiaomi Mi5 show us a large phone with possible IR blaster.

Beidu Little Pepper 6, 64bit and a 20 mega-pixel camera

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little pepper 6

Manufacturer Beidu have officially announced the Little Pepper 6, a 64bit phone with 20 mega-pixel camera headed to the Chinese market.

FDD LTE Meizu m1 note approved for sale

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meizu blue charm m1 launch

The Meizu m1 note is one of the phones we are all watching however international fans can’t get too excited until the FDD-LTE version of the phone is available which should be very soon.

Nexus 6 arrives in China as Moto X Pro

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Nexus phones haven’t been officially sold in China (although they can be bought from grey markets) but at least now Chinese phone consumers can but the Nexus 6 under a new name.

Infocus M530 coming to markets outside of China with MT6595 chipset

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Infocus, the mobile phone brand from Foxconn, are bringing a new MT6595 equipped phone to Taiwan and international phone markets.