Foreigner in China; get the XM Mi2S or Mi2A?

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    I have decided to get a Chinese phone. And it seems from reviews that Xiaomi is the best of the China phones in the range I want (good quality, good battery, not huge, good music sound and volume so I can tune people out on the subway).

    I have realized that I can save about $450 if I by a Xiaomi phone instead of one of the big brands (was thinking of Xperia ZR… its 4.5 screen, and waterproof). Note that I said I save $450. I want to buy a phone on contract with China Unicom, which would give me a Xiaomi Mi2A (or S variant, but not available… more on that) for free. And unlike contracts in the West… I’m just paying the same fee for telecom service whether I buy a phone or not.

    Problem is I’m impatient and the Mi2S has not been in stock in China Unicom for the last 3 weeks. I’m not sure if it will ever be in-stock again. Which means if I want to save money, I need a 2A phone.

    I have seen this (very good) thread. But what was not answered there was these questions:

    1. How is the 2A sound system? Volume OK loud?
    2. How is the battery? I worry about this cause the screen bigger usually means less battery.

    And so is it worth waiting for 2S to come back in stock, or just get the 2A? Both phones can be free for me on contract. I don’t play many game but I don’t want hickups/stalls/phone freezes (especially when using maps and wechat). I don’t mind 4.3 over 4.5 screen. But I do mind if the phone can make it to the end of the day with some calls, frequent messaging, frequent chatting, and some maps.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Get the Mi2S or wait for the Mi3.

    There isn’t much difference in price between the A and the S now, but the S is much more powerful. I have an Mi2 and my wife has the Mi2a, both are great but the speed and the low volume let the Mi2A down a little.


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    If you dont find a Mi2S or a Mi2A try the UMI X2 .. much Hardware for less money..

    Shoplink :

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    Andi, Thank you. You are saying the Mi2A does not have good volume output through audio jack or are you saying general call volume not great? Either way, this is one of the things I’m looking at in a phone… decent audio quality and volume. It’s something that is not reviewed much on any site. Reviews say the Mi2s has good power and battery performance,… and not great but not horrible stability. But right now my Samsung Galaxy S2 has horrible stability and battery so anything has to be better.

    Dracido1, this UMI X2 phone is not reviewed anywhere I trust. It has a worse processor than the Xiaomi phone. It is too large for me (I’m looking for a 4.2-4.7 inch screen phone). And it’s not available on China Unicom plam.

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    An alternative to consider if you can’t wait for the mi3. The ZTE z5 mini.

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    Actually this ZTE z5 looks OK… but don’t know if its on a China Unicom plan and don’t know about sound quality. But battery and screen size both look good.

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    Performance and stability have not been an issue for me it has been problem free since I got it at the start of the year.

    For headphone performance and call quality both the Mi2s and Mi2a are equally good. The external speaker on the Mi2a is very quiet though, so it isn’t as good to use as the Mi2/Mi2s for Navigation etc.

    We reviewed the UMi X2 and I would not recommend buying it over either any Xiaomi or the Nubia. Mediatek phone are good, but they are not in the same league.

    Have you considered a Meizu MX2 or MX3? Audio on Meizu phones is fantastic!

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    Thank you for suggestions. I have not checked out the MX2 yet. Now that you say audio is fantastic, I probably have to look. Its just that they look exactly like the iPhone and I don’t like that (Xiaomi also looks like the iphone, but not as much as the Meizu MX)

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