Jiayu G4T Thin (1850 mAh) – Call problems with voice and microphone

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    I have a Jiayu G4 phone, the thin (1850mAh) version, with MTK 6589T and unfortunately I have a problem. :(

    When I have a phone call, the other side of the line receives a strange noise from me. My phone send this noise, because everyone I call receives this noise form my phone. I recorded one of my phonecalls and I this below so you can hear what is this. I dont hear this noise when Im having the phonecall, only the other side receives it, so it must be something from my microphone. I thin it might have something to do with the amplifying or the noise filtering of the microphone. Sometimes when I start to talk loud, the noise stops for a while.

    I tried to update phone, and after I updated from G4L 20130709-173034 to G4LW 20130822-092045 I have less problem, but it still getting this noise.

    I uploaded the MP3 here:

    Do you know how could I fix this?

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    I forgot to mention, the noise is not continuous. Sometimes after 30 minutes it starts, but sometimes sooner. And since I updated the ROM and if the noise comes I start to record the phonecall and the noise stops 😀

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    reset yout phone it will remove the pronlem

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      How you meen reset? If you meen, factoryreset in the setting, I dont think it will help :\

      I also head the problem with the fresh ROM after fleshing.

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    Update: Now the recording of the phonecall is not working all the time :(

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    I had the same problem in my unit also. Jiayu G4T. (thick basic Turbo)

    After searching for solution, i conclude that it is due to the noise cancellation system.

    So the solution to this, beside changing for a new phone (in case hardware problem.)

    1. Update to the latest ROM.
    2. Cover up the back mic near the flash LED with a sticker. (i choose this one as i havent bought a bigger sd card to be use in setting up recovery file and then flashing new ROM.)

    My test call after the 2nd solution, the call seems fine without the noise problem.

    p.s: hope to know if your problem could be solve with either of these two.

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      Thank you. I will try the sticker thing also if ROM update is not helping.
      Today I updated to the newest official ROM (G4L-20130819-092942薄电版线刷), I hope it will help.
      I will post new infos about it.

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      I tried to use the sticker, but its not helping. I will have to send it back for a replace.
      I tried 4 different ROM, but all has the problem (more or less).

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    Have you try to disable the noise reduction?
    Phone>settings>other settings

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    Unfortunately I shipped the phone back yesterday :( I wish I would have reed you post earlier ;(
    But It should not have the problem at all so it should be replaced.

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