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    Hey all,

    Yesterday i received my experimental Neo N003 (1GB/4GB) from China and have been playing for about 24 hours now. Initial thoughts, i am very impressed with the build quality (easily on a par with my Galaxy S3), the screen is lovely, i particularly enjoy the dual sim function which works reasonable well although my Orange UK card is shown as roaming and i am not sure why yet.

    The loudspeaker is not bad but not good. though it being yamaha would make it better than my s3 but its about the same. quality in the two pairs of headphones that ive tried thus far is quite poor to be honest. my s3 wins there hands down.

    the screen is lovely and bright and the biggest i’ve had thus far although i can 5inch being my new minimum standard.

    the phone is generally quite fast and responsive – probably a shade quicker than the s3 in most things except graphics. The GPU was the only thing slower on the Antutu test i ran on both simultaneously.

    If anyone has any questions, dont hesitate to give me a shout – happy to try anything you want me to unless it risks bricking it obviously :-)



    BY graphics i meant games and fast moving images – to clarify!



    Hi Gary,
    thx for your feeling conserning Neo N003, can you tell me sth more about screen compering to Super Amoled, how it displays at sunny day? I read it has Gorilla Glass. Where did you buy it (on or in some store)?
    I’m still hesitating between N003 and Jiayu G4…



    Plz write a full review and post more images of phone and from camera. How much you have paid and from where you bought it?


    Please if some one can give battery life input.

    1) Standy By (idle)
    2) Wifi Web Surfing screen 50%
    3) Full load screen 100% with a game


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    Hello =)
    I got my Neo about a week ago and everything except the camera (using the flash) which sucks and the network is on par. I love it. With that said, the whole time I’ve had the phone it surfs in the EDGE network and it’s driving me crazy! I was under the impression that this phone supported at least 3G. Any ideas you might have (or anyone really) to get it to use the 3G network w/ ATT??


    Hey. Sounds like you have your main SIM card in the wrong slot. Looking at the phone with the back off, the 3G slot is the left one with the W above. The other one will only connect on the edge network I’m afraid.



    Thanks for the advice.. unfortunately, that wasn’t the issue because the SIM is already in that slot. I tried switching it over for sh*ts and giggles but nothing. Same ol’ EDGE. =/

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