Please suggest a reliable online store/seller from China

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    Hi Friends

    I’m really fade off of FAKEs from China and we have to extra cautious before placing an order for a phone. Be it individual online stores or be it a seller at Aliexpress, every where frauds have a permanent place.

    Can anybody please suggest few reliable online stores or sellers, to whom we can trust for a genuine product ? From many posts here I came across, but that site is over charging as compared to others or company price of a phone.

    Please help.

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    Orientdeal is areliabe store off knock-offs…

    i have bought a oriente s4 alternetive and a orient n2 am very pleased with the two units…

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    Andi, Can you please reply to this thread or make a new blog post to help and save the international buyers from monsters. Even I’ll suggest you to start a eCommerce portal :-)

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      Hello, do you meen im a monster?!?
      I only give you an idea because im from portugal so im a international buyer, and i think orientedeal is honest retailer…
      You have in europ

      But more expensive because of vat!!!

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    @Zedge13 Dear, seems like you did not understand my English :-) read it again and you will understand to whom I was saying say. Cheers ….

    Anyway thank you for your contribution to the thread.

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    I bought my ZP950 form TINYDEAL

      And it’s the first time that i bought electric devices from a chinese online store.After this experience,i am really pleased with their product quality, delievery speed and customer service.Really a good experience with it.

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