Trouble-free shipping from china to myself without custom fees?

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    Hi, i’ve got a question for you. A friend of mine is currently in China since he works as a captain in a commercial ship, so i’m thinking of telling him to buy me a phone from there. However, i don’t know when is he comming back, probably in a couple of months, so waiting for him to return to Europe is out of the question.
    Will he be able to send the phone to me through normal post or does he need to pay for a special license (i’ve read something about this somewhere) or fee to do that?

    Also, i guess the phone he’ll be getting will be in chinese without Google Apps, but i guess that if it’s a known model i’ll easily find a way to fix that…

    That’s all, if anyone knows i’d be delighted if they could help…

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    He shouldn’t have any problem shiping the phone via Hong-Kong post, China post or any other courier.

    Of course, must take care with some issues. Depending on the destination country, you may have to pay Customs taxes if the package gets blocked. Usually, normal post offices (Hong-Kong post, China Post) don’t get blocked that much, but express couriers (DHL,…) are more prone to get checked.

    Every country has distinct customs rules (usually on price limits and package sizes). You may ask your friend to state a lower price (and stating the package as gift or tech demo) for the package than the minimum for customs-check in your country. It does not always work, but most chinese phone resellers do it.

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    So isn’t there any law forbidding you to send electronics abroad through post? Weird… i thought so.
    In other words is it possible for example to ship 10 phones abroad as well?

    Thanks for your help! If there’s no problem shipping phones from china to the EU, then i’ll probably get to buy new phones for the whole family! :} (if i show up with 5 phones at the airport they’ll definately stop me at the customs, that’s why i want to send them through post)

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    Well, There are also courier issues.

    Hong-Kong post and the like usually don’t have issues sending electronics worldwide, in fact HK post and Singapore Post are extensively used by most china resellers (Pandawill, Fastcardtech, Antelife, Aliexpress, BangGood,…) to ship items sold. They also allow you to pay extra for expedited shipping (DHL, UPS, Halcourier…) but expedited shipping is more prone to get stopped and checked by Customs.

    Some couriers commonly used to trick and bypass EU customs (mainly Swiss Post, packages make a “stop” on Switzerland – thus entering the Schengen space – then sent to their final destination) do not allow unpacked batteries to be shipped. Since some resellers add batteries and extras to their phones, you may have problems. Checking particular courier policies is recommended before sending a shipment through them.

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    hmmm, i’m mostly concerned about sending things OUT of China. When the package comes with normal post and not DHL or another courrier, then it very rarely gets stopped in my country.
    I was only wondering whether he’ll be able to send the phone(s) abroad because there should also be batteries included. He’ll be in Shenzen so will probably use China Post but i guess he could also go to HK and use the post there.

    What would the actual difference be? Why should he prefer HK post?

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    Nah, issues should be almost nonexistant, but maybe China Post is expected to be more overloaded (is usually IS OVERLOADED when chinese holydays grow near) than HK post or Singapore post (HP and Sing are probably the most named couriers there for international shipping)

    Also, HK is a know transport hub for Asia, and a more open “country” than China (although belonging to china, HK hast their own customs, laws and the like), so probably that’s why HK Post is more used than China Post.

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