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    Hi Friends

    Which phone will you buy with $200 USD from China excluding shipping ?
    In other words, which one is the best phone around $200 usd ?

    Thank you.



    iOcean X7 or Jiayu G4




    Jiayu G4



    JIAYU G3T G4
    Cubot one,GT99
    Thl w100,w200



    Hello Friend
    I am so sorry to hear your situation ,
    when you buy something from the people who you don’t know , you must be choose the securit payment method .like paypal .
    Hello Friend
    How are you ,
    My Name is Grace from Shenzhen China ,
    I am a buy agent for Foreign customer in Shenzhen , if you need Neo 003 phone , i think i can help you order it in China directly , and i can accept paypal for you .
    if you have any interest please add me in your skype: grace.lee1241
    Looking forward to your early reply .
    Best Regards



    How about this one? POMP w88, you can check this on comebuy.
    Android 4.2
    Quad core
    Dual Sim Card
    5.0 Inch
    1280×720 screen resolution
    $193.88, you can get 5 euro voucher code when you register the site.
    It is the best for me.



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    THL W200 or a bit more bucks FAEA F2S

    *Please remove my previous post! Tks



    I’ve been looking for phones around this price too but a key question is are you trying to use it in the US? If that’s the case then from what I’ve seen Jiayu G3T, Jiayu G4, iOcean X7, Cubot one, Cubot GT99, Thl w100, Thl w200, POMP w88, and FAEA F2S will not work in the US for 3G data. So far the two that I’m looking at around $200 that work in the US are the K-Tough V8 and K-Touch V9.



    I think Cubot will be good option for you



    I second the K-Touch V8/V9. Quad core pentabands FTW! Personally, I’m going for the V9 because it has a removable battery. Both these phones can be found for way less than $200 USD including shipping on Aliexpress (through reputable vendors).

    BTW, The K-Touch V9 and V8 models are sold here in the US as the BLU Quattro 4.5 and 4.5 HD, respectively. However, now that the V8/V9 are so cheap, I cannot justify paying BLU’s inflated price for the same phone. Even if I did buy the BLU version (with its in-country support) I’m planning on modding mine within an inch of its life, so therefore I’d probably just nullify the warranty anyway. 😉



    you could buy Voto X2 Quad Core Android 4.2 3G Smartphone 5″ FHD Screen Dual Camera
    i found a site sell voto x2 at only $229,and they offer free accessory package as gift



    Regarding the Voto… sorry, that phone does not support US bands (we need 850/1900 AT A MINIMUM for cell data). For me, it’d be useless. Nice phone, though.

    IMHO, paying $200 or more for a phone with only two cell data bands is really laughable – and that includes phones that do have the data bands I need. It may work in Europe and other parts, but good luck if you’re a world traveler and happen to land in the States. Your phone will only get 2G/EDGE speeds for data unless you are near a WIFI hotspot (and those aren’t as plentiful here as you’d like to think).



    I compared voto x2 with jiayu G4 before i bought it, both network band are the same. but voto x2 is much cheaper,and the screen is 1920 x 1080 pixels, 5 inch, bigger than jiayu g4. so i choose voto x2. LOL



    and here is the voto x2 network band


    2G: GSM 800/850/900/1800/1900MHz
    3G: WCDMA 2100MHz

    you could check it

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