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Zopo ZP820 quad-core MT6582 Antutu benchmarks

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zopo zp820 antutu

Zopo’s low cost ZP820 ‘Raiden’ smartphone has been put through its paces in Antutu 4.1 revealing impressive scores for a budget handset.

Top 15 quad-core MT6589 phones you can buy right now!

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top 15 mt6589 phones

Lets give the spy photo, rumours and promised launch dates a miss for this article and focus on the top 15 quad-core MT6589 phone you can buy right now!

Quad-core MTK Zopo C1 is a ZP810+ running Alibaba’s Aliyun

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zopo c1

Alibaba are really pushing their custom version of Android named Aliyun and recently launched 6 new phones running the OS, one of them being the Zopo C1. From the photos and specifications, the Zopo C1 appears to be almost identical to the current quad-core Zopo ZP810+ and Hero H7500+, but with a smaller 2000mAh battery. […]

Verne V5 quad-core looks a lot like the Zopo ZP810

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The sheer number of quad-core MT6589 phones coming to the market this year is astonishing, and with so many manufacturers working out of the same towns and even factories it’s no wonder handsets look similar! Take the Verne V5 which looks a lot like the ZP810. Not only is the outward appearance very similar to […]

Zopo ZP810 Specifications and pricing

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zopo zp810 price

The quad-core Zopo ZP810 is not officially listed for sale on the Zopomobileshop, keep reading for full specifications and pricing.

Zopo ZP810 quad-core MT6589 spy photos and benchmarks appear!

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zopo 810 spy photo hero

Spy photos of Zopo’s ZP810 quad-core Android phone appear on Facebook complete with Antutu benchmarks! After months of speculation and a few disappointing phone launches, news of Zopo’s quad-core MT6589 phones is finally flooding in thick and fast! Yesterday we reported on 3 new quad-core Zopo updates and also a mystery quad-core phone, today thanks […]

Zopo MT6589 quad-core phone details finally announced!

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zopo mt6589 quad-core phones announced

After a couple of false starts, Zopo have finally announced details of their quad-core MT6589 Android smartphones for the first half of 2013!