HP Expects 100 Million WebOS Devices A Year!

The new CEO of HP Leo Apotheker has been doing the rounds trying to gain popularity for his companies WebOS platform, which HP acquired after buying out smart-phone maker Palm.
But his latest claims are looking a bit far fetched to some, as he is now saying that WebOS will make it’s way on to 100 Million devices each year!

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100 Million! Now thats a serious slice of the mobile market, but how are they planning to achieve such a remarkable goal! Well we know that HP have two phones running WebOS 3, the Palm 3 phone and Veer slider, then there is the HP Slate tablet which looks very interesting, and we’ve also heard plans from HP claiming WebOS will arrive on every HP PC and laptop soon, but they still need more!
It turns out WebOS will also make it’s way in to printers, and while they’re at it, it makes sense for HP to enter the portable gaming market with an iPod Touch rival and possibly in to the web TV business also.
If HP dabbled in all of these markets they would easily see the 100 million WebOS device a year marker, but in doing so they would be effectively declaring war on Google and Apple, and we are pretty sure neither company would take such a declaration lying down!

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