Gooapple iPhone 4 Clone Video, Pricing and Release Date

We posted news a couple of days ago about the Gooapple phone, a phone that not only mimics the external look of the iPhone 4, but is also likely to set  Apples legal team off in a fully fledged attack due to the blatant use of the Apple logo.

Keep reading for more info and video!

The makers of the Gooapple have made this hands on depicting their knock off phone as the love child of Google and Apple. The video also demos some of the phones features, gives us a good look at the UI, tortures us with terrible music and shows off the phones ability to spin around on a table top!


We’ve also heard news that the Gooapple will be available from 10th April at the bargain price of 999 Yuan! ($152).

See our previous post for more spec details: The Gooapple iPhone 4 Clone Takes Shanzhai To a Whole New Level.
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