China Mobile and China Unicom Battle over iPhone Business

china mobile china unicom battle
China Mobile isn't pleased it has to wait until October for the iPhone 4 while everyone else gets the iPhone 5!

What happens when two of the worlds largest cell phone providers happen to be located in each others ‘patch’ and both happen to have the same top of the range, highly popular iPhone as their crowning glory?

China Mobile is the largest mobile phone company based on subscriptions which China Unicom come in a close second. Both are doing very well, but it looks like China Mobile don’t like the fact their little brother is catching up to them so swiftly.

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The problems all started when Unicom beat China Mobile to become China’s first official supplier of the iPhone 3GS and later the iPhone 4.

China mobile complains that Unicom had hampered it’s attempts to launch the iPhone 4 and has started legal action against the carrier at the country’s state-owned enterprise regulator.

Matters seem to be getting worse for the cell phone giant, as China Mobile will only officially get the iPhone 4 in October this year, a month after which the iPhone 5 is expected to launch!

China Unicom are expected to start selling iPhone 5 soon after it’s launch, while it is rumored that China Telecom may get a 4G version of the iPhone 5!


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