Meizu MX Get’s a December Release Date and a Lower Quality Screen!?

meizu mx hd screen leaked
Meizu MX's HD screen is leaked and a December release date is confirmed.

Meizu are always the first to leak news of what they dream about plan for upcoming Meizu models, and the latest Meizu MX is no different, but the leaked specs and pricing aren’t really the things of dreams!

The Meizu MX is touted as being the worlds first quad core Android phone, leaving many gadget fans wondering if the Chinese tech company can actually deliver the goods, and more importantly, why on earth would someone need a quad core phone!?

meizu mx android china
Meizu MX concept art

The MX is basically going to be a larger, better equipped and much more powerful smartphone than, it’s rather dissapointing predecessor the Meizu M9, but wait…. hang on!

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Jack Wong released a photo of what he claims to be the screen of the Meizu MX (if could actually be a photo of anything) with a comment:

“I was blown away by the level of detail the 292 ppi display has. And the 1.4Ghz dual-core and quad-core.”

292PPI? That’s actually less than the current Meizu M9 screen’s pixel density of 320PPI! So what are JW and Meizu actually playing at?

The comment was also released with ‘confirmation’ of a Meizu MX December launch date.

The MX will be available in 2 models at launch, a 16GB dual core model for 2999 Yuan and a 32Gb Quad Core model for 3999 Yuan.

xiaomi android phone beijing
Xiaomi's Dual Core phone is available now at less than the MX

These prices may have looked pretty good had the MX launched December 2010 but a 2011 phone with those specifications at such a high price isn’t likely to sell well, especially when China’s Xiaomi is offering a 1.5Ghz phone now for 1999 Yuan and the iPhone 5 is expected a 2 months before the MX!


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