Ultimate GooApple V5 Review and Video!

GooApple V5 In Use

Once on and running the GooApple functions very much like an iPhone, but due to the 600mHz CPU the feel is more like using an iPhone 3GS with iOS 5 rather than the fast, slick action of an iPhone 4S or even iPhone 4.

gooapple v5 touch screen,gooapple v5 android iphone 4s clone,knock off iphone 4sWhen swiping through the screens, accessing apps, watching video or listening to music, the GooApple V5 handles everything easily with no noticeable lag or slowing.

Gaming on the GooApple is a different story. While most games can be installed through either the GooApple’s Chinese market App or through the official Android market, that older processor starts to struggle.

Even Angry Birds, a fun but basic game, took a long time to load on the GooApple V5, and was laggy and slow once started.

Words don’t quite do the GooApple V5’s user interface justice so to give you a real feel of the attention to detail and functionality the V5 has watch the video below:

GooApple V5 hands on video!

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