JiaYu G3 Release Date Confirmed!

The wait is officially over guys! JiaYu have finally announced the JiaYu G3 release date, and best of all it is only a matter of days!

JiaYu finally announced earlier today that they would being to accept order for the JiaYu G3 on …. September 5th! Which is only 2 days away!

The company have placed ordering details on their forum and along with details which tell customers how they can buy the dual-core G3  Android phone.

Details included that orders can be places and must be paid in full and that any order cannot be refunded, however the phone will retail (in China) for the magically low price of just 899 Yuan ($140).

There are a few catches though one which is confirmed and another I’m not to sure about!

The first confirmed catch is that although you can order and pay for the MT6577 JiaYu G3 on September 5th, you won’t receive it until JiaYu receive an official network license for it…..

The unconfirmed catch is it looks like the 899 Yuan price tag is for the phone alone… I’m still trying to confirm this, but it sounds like the phone will be available for 899 Yuan not including accessories!

While the prices are low, only 10 Yuan for a case and 80 Yuan for a charger and battery, the idea that you are only getting a phone for that low price and not all the necessary parts needed for it to work could very well turn potential buyers off!

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I’ll do my best to confirm this and update this posts ASAP.

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