UMi X1 goes on international sale ahead of JiaYu G3! Buy the...

UMi X1 goes on international sale ahead of JiaYu G3! Buy the UMi X1 now and save $15


The UMi X1 is one of my top favorite alternatives JiaYu G3 phones and there are numerous reasons why you should buy one over the long overdue JiaYu, but now their is one defining reason it’s on sale now and available to international customers!

UMi have been a hell of a lot smarter than JiaYu when it has come to the UMi X1 dual-core MT6577 phone and rather than leaking details of the phone before they were ready have kept details to a minimum regarding their super slim Android 4.0 phone.

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This has meant however that many prospective customers know little about the UMi X1 and the fantastic value for money it represents, so if you’re in the market for a high quality Android phone with 4.5 inch display, great styling and an awesome rear camera keep reading!


UMi X1 specification

If you know the specification of the JiaYu G3 then you already know just how amazing the UMi X1 is going to be, for those of you who don’t know then let me recap.

umi X1 cheap dual core chinese phone

Starting at the front of the phone the screen is an impressive 4.5 inch unit with high definition resolution of 1280 x 720 with IPS technology which should give the phone fantastic viewing angles.

  • Buy the UMi X1 from Uredeal now and save $15: usd15offGizchina

Above the screen sits a front 2 mega-pixel camera, which is better than what most other Chinese phone manufacturers are offering and should prove to be clear and crisp enough for video calls and self portraits (if you are into that sort of thing!).

where to buy super slim dual core umi x1 design


Turning the attractive, thin and rather stylish UMi X1 over we are greeted with the rear 8 mega-pixel camera which has auto-focus and LED flash for capturing photos in low light or during the evening.


On the inside

As the UMi X1 boasts a MediaTek MT6577 dual-core CPU it also supports dual-sim and will work on the following network bandwidths 2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz, 3G WCDMA 2100Mhz.

umi x1 dual-core MT6577 antutu

The dual-core CPU, along with 1GB RAM also helps the UMi X1 score an impressive 5388 on AnTuTu!

Other great features include built in GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, an SGX531 Ultra GPU and of course Android 4.0 Ice-cream Sandwich OS.


UMi X1 Design

If you’re not a fan of the angular looks of the JiaYu G3, but love the hardware then the UMi X1 looks like it could be the perfect phone for you!

umi x1 design


The body, which is available in Black, White and Pink, measures in at just 8.5mm thick with the overall length being 129mm and with a palm friendly 68mm. Weight is 138g.

Those of you who are familiar with Chinese phone design will see that the UMi shares some similar styling hints with the Xiaomi range of phones, but I have to say the X1 is a much better looker overall!


The best thing about the UMi X1 is…

So as you can probably tell I’m impressed with the design and the features (and this isn’t the first time I have said this either), but what I’m most excited about is that this is the first Chinese phone which I can actually announce is available for international buyers!

where to buy dual-core mt6577 umi x1

I get a lot of email and comments from readers who want to buy Chinese phones featured on GizChina and most of the time it is very difficult to point you guy’s in the direction of a reseller with stock but for the first time it seems I can.

UreDeal have announced today that they are the official stockiest of the UMi X1 for international markets and they have stock ready to ship (with FREE shipping) right now!

Even better than that is the fact that UreDeal have agreed to give Gizchina readers a rather generous $15 discount using the following promotional code:

  • Save $15 on the UMi X1 with UreDeal: usd15offGizchina
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  • Hi,

    is trustful to buy from them.


    • I certainly hope so!

    • Moreno

      Dear Andi,

      There are sellers on Alibaba Express which have the UMI X1 in stock and others not, those claims that are waiting the 3rd dispatch cause this 2nd, the one which some sellers have in stock right now, they have a lot of quality issues….. do you know if this is really true or is it a sorta of excuse?

      Many Thanks!!


      • Nope not heard anything like that. I’ll let you know if that changes though

        • Uredeal Umi X1 stock;

    • Jason

      Hi there, is there an official UMI website I can check the spec? My network requires 850Mhz WCDMA and I need to confirm as some specs I’ve read say 850Mhz is GSM only.


      2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
      3G: WCDMA 2100MHZ

      What I need is:

      GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
      WCDMA(UMTS) 850/2100MHz


      • Yves


        Can you confirm me that it is fonctional on CDMA 1,23 mgz?
        I live in Montreal and my provider is TELUS.

  • Simon W.

    Dear Andi

    I’ve been following your site for the last few months. Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve put in the site. You just made the decision for me.. I just ordered the phone in black. Finally my HTC HD2 can rest 🙂

    Greetings from Switzerland,

    • Great glad you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy putting it together :)let me know when the phone arrives I’m tempted by the pink 😉

      • Simon W.

        Yeah. I’ll let you know. It seems I was the only lucky one to use the code today ;). I was so tempted to wait for the Jiayu G3 but I couldn’t trust them anymore after the issues with the screens and all the delays.

  • edi

    Great news!


  • BulwaX

    Do you know how pink version looks from the front? I can find any pictures.

    • It’s like a hot pink

  • opav

    Is the weight correct – 338g is extremely heavy.

    Does the rear camera poke out? In the pic, it looks like it is resting on the rear camera.

  • Xiaolu

    Sorry Andi but… there seems to be a mistake, 338g. is a lil too heavy 😛 I assume you mean 138g.

    Nice phone… and nice news!


    • Doh! haha yep 138g:)

  • roberto

    useful your discount, but when i try to put in the coupon area says that it can be use more than one time

    • I’ve sent them a message to find out what is going on with the discount code.

    • Hi they have said it should still work. Maybe try a different browser?

      • roberto

        Thanks Andi now it works

  • Robert S

    Exactly where can i use the discount code? Cant find anywhere i can add it.

    • I’ve sent them a message about the code to see what’s going on but it’s 11pm here in China so don’t expect answer until the morning.

    • go to ‘proceed to checkout’ then ‘apply the coupon code’ and the code is usd15offGizchina 🙂

      • Robert S

        Oh, thanks. Didnt think you would have to go all the way to the checkout.
        Order is now placed (:

  • Am

    Hi Andi! Can you list up china phone with NFC…

    • Not sure there is much of a choice but I’ll look in to it

  • Airyl

    Andi, are you tired? Cause us the person above me pointed out, there are a few mistakes in this article, like:-

    “The dual-core CPU, along with 1GB RAM also helps the UMi X1 score an impressive 54388 on AnTuTu!”


  • Airyl

    Andi, have you got enough sleep? Cause as the person above me pointed out, there are a few mistakes in this article, like:-

    “The dual-core CPU, along with 1GB RAM also helps the UMi X1 score an impressive 54388 on AnTuTu!”


    • haha nope 🙂 all fixed

  • Paul Fieldhouse

    Looks good! Sooooo tempted. I was in Shanghai last week looking for a new phone. All I could find where copies of well known brands. Tried to buy a copy Samsung, but after trying my sim in 2 phones they kept rebooting. Eventually bought an Android version of a IPhone 4. It was cheap, but even though I have changed the language to English a lot of the apps are in Chinese! Not much use for me I am afraid. Wondering if I can wipe and install a new rom? Still my daughter is pleased with it

    Now then, should I takmethe plunge with this one?

    • teja

      hi dude , u can use custom roms which was given colonel zap site , he clearly explained all the rooting process and flashing with custom rom (english titled apps and playstore in english ). just google it .

  • Paul Fieldhouse

    Just curious, why do you feel these guys can be trusted. I have tried searching them on google and not much to see. Mind you the site has only been live for about 70 days and the owners are hidden behind some US registrar. Not saying we can’t trust them, but at the moment it is a toss up between a weekend in Bangkok or a new phone. A weekend in Bangkok I can be assured in getting what I want :-).

    • Weekend in Bangkok is what I would go for. Then ask Santa for an Oppo Find 5 😉

  • titooo

    I won’t buy anything at uredeal. They also claim they have in stock Newman N2 or Jiayu G3. And I really don’t think so….

    • I actually asked them about the G3 and they said they’ve sent 2 batches out to customers already and will let us know when the 3rd is on the way. The N2 is an impossibility though!

    • Emil

      I saw the banner with “G2 and G3 in stock” too – but when you click it, it is actually stated that the batch is sold out and that the phone is no longer in stock…

  • Nikolai

    If you go to the product site they say g3 and newman n2 are up for pre-order

  • Reacher

    And what about display? Is Black really black? I mean.. is it shit display?

  • teja

    Hi Andi

    One of the chinese e sellers listed Goophone I5 Quad Core 32 GB free shipping for $ 275 in stock .you can see the hands on video posted below. I5 looks exactly like I-phone 5 even it has dual sim and memory card slot and back cover is also like metal . After reading above comments this seller has some bad comments so i put my decision to order this phone on hold and even i dint find any hands on video on net except from this seller .

    • teja

      sorry for the bad link . here is the correct link for hands on video .

    • Cheers don’t think it will be the i5 though possibly a Hero H2000+? I’ll take a look at the video in a moment cheers!

    • Freeje

      I wouldn’t give my money to Chinaecarts. They’ve uploaded videos on Youtube showing supposedly knockoff copies of S3s that they said are exact copies of the real thing but someone pointed out that the phone in the video was in fact the real thing. What you get in the mail is of course a poor version instead.

      • TripleThreeNine

        HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA there can’t be a better way to advertise a clone!

  • Shp

    Anyone know where can i buy this phone via webmoney payment method?

  • kaskuser

    yeah, i think umi better than jiayu in design and screen quality(that we know jiayu g3 screen have bad quality)
    you can see review from owner of umi in here .
    the photo quality look amazing, even in night.
    if you concern is about 2750mh battery, dont believe it.
    i dont trust if jiayu g3 have 2750 in their size now.
    if a new company can make 2750 mh battery on 4.5″ phone why samsung and other big company cannot make it? for example galaxy s3 just can make 2100 battery on bigger phone (4.7″) ? they have 31000mh battery on more bigger phone like in in galaxy note 2 (5.5″).
    so, battery capacity is matter of size.
    so i more trust umi which declare 1750 mh battery, they more honest for me.

    and about online seller, as long as they accept paypal, your payment is safe.
    because you can dispute if something going wrong.

    i already buy 2 umi phone, and seller say will shipping today.
    hope not to long to arrive 🙂

    • KooL

      I’m sorry but I think you are forgetting the thickness of the phone.. Most phones like samsung and Umi’s thickness is 8++mm

      If I’m not mistaken Samsung S3 is 8.6mm, Umi X1 is 8.5mm and Jiayu G3 is 10.8mm.

      Phone thickness also counts when you want to put in a bigger battery. U can now clearly see that jiayu’s 2750mah battery is real due to the thickness.

  • kaskuser

    in this review of jiayu g3 owner,
    he say if bluebo with 2000 mh battery better than jiayu g3 (post #31)
    so i think 2750 battery is real fake

  • David

    Does it have gorilla glass?

    • No it has a similar toughened coating from a Japanese brand.

  • Mannaoz

    Yes Paypal is a must for online purchases.
    I had a huge problem buying from Grefu earlier this year.
    I sent in a complaint and got all the money back.
    When my items purchased never arrived in the box.

  • Mightymarq

    Hi Andi. Can you check the UMi X1 Antutu screengrabs from uredeal.

    It says there memory 503MB, RAM Size 970.
    Isn’t this a 512MB/1GB spec only?

    Thanks. Great site, by the way!

  • steve

    Anyone knows the official chinese website for umi x1 maker ?
    ( like is for jiyu G3 ?)

    looking on google, get tons of reviews and articles, but not the offical manufacturer site, or maybe I have overlooked …


    • Hi Steve here is their site:

      • Dan

        Hi Andi, from this site it appears that X1 is 888 Yuan? if it is like that, price is much lower than 239 $

        Can you please confirm?

        • The official Chinese price is 1099 yuan (899 was limited to per orders). Yep it’s more but this seems to be the case for all Chinese phones

    • TripleThreeNine
  • Carlos

    Hello, I want to buy this phone, does anyone knows if it works with T-Mobile (3G)?

  • Nikolai

    How did you get in contact with uredeal Andi? I want to order this from phone them but i’m not sure if i can trust that site.

  • hidroman

    AAAAAAAAAnd the price raised.

  • Mot


    You’ve got the 3g frequencies as 2100 only (as does uredeal) but the official website list it as 900/1900/2100.

    900 is a deal breaker for a lot of us here in Australia.

    Can you clarify?

    • Hmmm I would genrally go off what the manufacturer says. Did you contact Uredeal and ask them?

    • Roundoup

      I’m also interested. 900MHz 3G disable meas that phone does not make sense in my country too. Please let us know if you find out something.

  • Paul

    Is anyone able to pay with PayPal?

    I tried a few times but keep getting this error:

    “We are sorry for the inconvenience. The PayPal account authentication settings are not yet set up, or the API security information is incorrect. We are unable to complete your transaction. Please notify the store owner so they can correct this problem. (10002)”

    • Simon

      I was able to pay by paypal. You have to proceed using the other payment option.. then later you can choose paypal before check out..

  • ronnie katsie

    if its true that they have UMI X1 original brand not fake the Andi today you have made my day after releasing me from the long wait of JY G3

  • vladi78

    This is how “presell” works at : What do you think ?

    me : hi, are you planning to sell phone UMI X1 ?
    tony: not now
    me: was Jiayu G3 in stock yesterday ? Because your colleague told me that BLACK version was in stock
    tony: tell you the truth, we are informed by factory that it is in stock, but the price is much higher then the price on our website. we will see the further condition. And now we will not receive new orders about jy-g3
    tony: understand?
    me: but you will keep preorder price ?
    tony: no
    tony: will not accept new order now
    me: I ask because I made preorder on 19. September
    me: should I wait ?
    tony: ok
    tony: now the condition is we do not know the news from factory is correct or not.
    tony: and the price is much higher then price on our website
    tony: so now the price is not stable now,
    tony: we will see the condition and then inform what to do
    me: if I buy now for 175 it means I will not pay more ?
    tony: no
    tony: the price is not stable now, we do not now when it will be normal,
    tony: so we will wait for several days and see the condition
    tony: because many customers make a preorder, we do not know how many customers are willing to add money, if the demands reaches to factory’s MOQ, then we could do, if not, we will refund
    tony: understand?
    me: if price will be so much higher, there is no problem to return money ?
    tony: we will refund, if customers do not agree to add money
    me: OK thank you very much
    tony: you are welcome
    me: have a nice day
    tony: you too.

    • At least they were honest with you.

      • vladi78

        Yes I appreciate honesty, but what for is preorder/presell when price is unknown and time of delivery is unknown ? 🙂

        • Haha yep it’s a good job you checked with them before sending any money 🙂 Business here is totally different to back home 😉

    • sickgrinder

      Pretty much the same deal with me and mixeshop, I emailed if they had any in stock and they said yes, so I placed my ordered then emailed and ask if they had any other color and how long would it take to be shipped out, “Lia” emailed back saying this “Dear friend ,
      This phone only have black one ,and if you want you can add money ,otherwise we can refund your money .”

      So just to double check, I emailed their customer service, “Tina” answered saying “sorry friend ,
      still not ready for stock , because this model it is not easy to get it , once ok we will ship soon
      will tell you

      I guess i will be canceling my order.

      • vladi78

        I choose mixeshop because I can wait, they advertised jiayu G3 for best price 159 USD for presell (until Monday) and main reason was that I have one positive experience buying phone from July this year. My opinion is that they really got some phones on Monday but quickly rised price at 175USD (“Presell” sticker was gone for a day) sold all dozen of pieces and bypass all preordered customers.

        • Wow that’s a really good price! I hope you get it soon!

        • sickgrinder

          Well according to mixeshop, they are getting jerked around from Jiayu about stock and when they are going to receive it. So i asked for a refund which they were totally fine with but they did however suggest some other phones which i actually took them up on and got a newman n1. So far my experience with mixeshop has been nothing but awesome.

  • Paul

    Just ordered it.. hope its the real deal 😉

    My first phone from china.. excited!

    I chose the fast shipping option and will let you know when it arrives!

  • Jez

    What a ripoff at $240

    Cannot believe the owner of this site sold out to some overpriced retailer, i’ll probably stop lurking here now.

    It is way inferior to the G3 too for those of you excited, 1ghz CPU and 1750 battery at 25% more is in no way a deal. Be weary of the network bands too especially if you live outside China.

  • Richard

    Hi Andy . Thanks very much just ordered one of these instead of the Jiayu G3
    now any videos yet on you tube anywhere ? walnuts ? 😀

    Any links to any review much appreciated


  • Vlad

    It would be great to see the feedback grom the guys, who have ordered and paid, in a day or two – but I have some experience with Chinese online shops, so, if tomorrow there is no such crap as “sorry friend we are unexpectedli out of stock, wait with patiens, next stock next friday, thanx”, then maybe it’s a reliable shop. If you look at it’s site on aliexpress though, the price for UMI is much higher. And official release of this phone is Oct. 26. I am ready to believe in miracles, but…

  • Fel

    I mentioned this last time in a message but for some reason it was never posted???
    As I see it this pre-sale way of doing business is just a way of swindle.
    The pre-order is actually a way of gathering money to fund the phone manufacturing….once they have the phone ready to be launch if it’s popular enough, they refund all the original “pre-sale” buyers and sell the phone at a higher price….and we silly people help some Chinese make profit out of air!!!

  • farook

    hi andi i have few things to clarify. first this phone was available for 899 CHINA YUAN which is USD 143 and later it was increased to 1099 CHINA YUAN which is USD 175. now the site you promoted to buy UMI X1 is pricing the phone for USD 240 which is USD 65 more. never mind with that but the issue is the site which u promoting to buy this phone is not including EARPHONES in the package! we r getting only charger and data cable. EARPHONE PRICE IS USD 50 which sums up the total cost of the phone to USD 290!! which is way too high!!!! i feel that they must provide EARPHONES along with the package for USD 240! if not it is unfair as Official UMI SITE is providing earphones along with the package!!

    • No idea about the headphones but to charge an extra $50 is rather steep!!

  • kaskuser

    i think the over price from seller because law of demand.
    jiayu from 140$(899yuan) raise to 210 -230$
    umi x1 from 175 (1099 yuan) raise to 230 -250$
    if you want to cheaper phone. don’t buy phone with high demand or
    wait to the demand of this phone lower (maybe have to wait 2-3 month) 🙂
    but i’m not sure if jiayu g3 will have stable stock next month 😛

    • I think this is what is happening they are buying them at $175 usd adding shipping which brings it to about $215. So at $240 they hope to make $25 profit, but with the $15 discount code they will make $10 profit… Still sounds cheap to me

      • TripleThreeNine

        But then at 225 it should be inclusive of express shipping, as it costs around $20 (maybe $5-10 more) as you mention ($175+$20=$215)

  • raoul

    how about that!!! i got the xiaomi 1s youth edition yesterday during the 3 minute sale. for 1300 yuan. (about 210$) it is exactly the same phone as the m1s except for the 1.5ghz instead of 1.7ghz cpu. can’t wait to finally get hold of one of these xiaomi phones. and during the next 7 days xiaomi 2 should be on sale too and i’ll try to get one of those too. that sale actually works easier than i thought, you just have to sit in front of your computer and be ready to push the buttom at 12:00, that’s all!

    • Awesome news! Well done!

    • kaskuser

      can international buyer buy it?
      and how to?

      • Yep this offer is for international buyers

        • teja


          please confirm the M2 sale is open for international buyers or for chinese alone as usual and shipping to my place ?

          • Mogu M2 or Xiaomi M2? If you want to buy direct from the company China only. If it’s a reseller check with them.

  • UmiWaiter

    I wonder if anybody has got a tracking number who ordered expedited shipping and paid for it ($40)? Just want to know if they’re really shipping orders already. I have not got mine number yet, but it’s to early I guess (1 day).

    • I asked today when phones will be sent out they told me within 24-48 hours and then they will send tracking numbers.

  • Lu

    I really don’t know at the moment :/

    cancel the Jiayu G3 and buy UMI X1 of wait for the Jiayu G3 :/

  • Lu

    I really don’t know at the moment :/

    cancel the Jiayu G3 and buy UMI X1 or wait for the Jiayu G3 :/

  • raz5652

    found this on the same website, any comments?

    Hero H9500+ Smart Phone MTK6577 1GB RAM 5.3 Inch IPS Screen Android 4.0 3G GPS WiFi White

  • raz5652

    and this ZOPO ZP300+ MTK6577 Smart Phone 4.5 Inch 1280x720P IPS Screen Android 4.0 1GB RAM – White

    both with earphone, so these are cheaper than UMi X1, and hero even scores more on antutu, but are they any better than UMi X1

    • Zopo Zp300+ is a nice phone

      • raz5652

        Andi can you pls help me decide, is zopo better than UMi or any other brand. do the comparison.

  • kaskuser

    for 245 $ i prefer huawei shine g500 pro.
    from big company and have gorilla glass.
    i dont know this site, and never deal with they.
    but if they accept paypal, you more safe.
    btw this site is have jiayu g3, but i already buy umi 🙂

  • KnullePutte

    kakuser, tmall seems a little cheeky, they say Free shipping on a phone and as soon as you add it to the cart the add $3 just out of the blue… I’d never trust a dealer like that 😉

  • Vlad

    So, has anybody received track # or any other positive answers?

  • TripleThreeNine

    Okay, I’m getting a refund from an AliExpress seller, they had problems shipping the ThL W3+. Now this looks interesting again. In confused, what do you guys say?

  • TripleThreeNine

    Another thing to look out for is the IMEI. 86xxxxx won’t work for international customers.

  • Emil

    Ordered and paid for Umi X1 at Uredeal three days ago, and have still not received a tracking number or dispatch notice… So it seems they don’t really ship in 24-48 hours.

    I have asked them when they will ship, but they have not answered yet.

    • Robin

      Emil, I’m having the same problem. Ordered last monday and paid. No shipping of the Umi X1 …

      • Andy from Uredeal has replied below

  • I am Andy from, to respond to the customers’ request, i am here announce that: all the umi x1 orders from Gizchina which choose the free shipping option will be shipped out via Singpore Post. And all the orders will be shipped out within 24-72hours after the payment confirmed.

    • TripleThreeNine

      Andy, thanks for the reply. What about the IMEI? Do you have an international version whose IMEI start with 35xxxx and not 86xxxx?

      • Sorry I don’t know maybe you could ask someone at Uredeal?

        • TripleThreeNine

          Yeah, my question was directed to Andy of UReDeal =)

    • Emil

      Great news – that means that my UMi X1 should ship within the next day! 🙂

  • raz5652

    still waiting for my reply Andi, is zopo 300+ better than Umi X1

    • Both got their good points. Zopo has great customers service and they have updates and the phone is good quality. The UMi X1 is cheaper and has the same spec…. So the choice really depends on you. The phones should be almost the same in use.

      • raz5652

        thnak you, i think ill go with zopo 300+

  • Niko

    Andy, which one to pick ? N1 or X1 ? so confusing hehe

    • TripleThreeNine

      I’d say X1. If looks could kill, I’d be a goner by now

      • Niko

        yeah i agree, X1 is so cool, but the retail packing not even include a headset, the accessories (additional battery, desktop charger, headset) is pricey, for a 1750 mAh battery with HD screen ,we surely had to have one additional battery at least 🙁

        and most importantly , X1 still doesn’t has a community support (at least non chinese forum support), othe other hand N1 additional battery and desktop charger is only $10 even we can get it on even lower price, and N1 has a good english speaking community support on xda-developers (custom ROM)

        i found a custom ROM for X1 but i don’t know its english or chinese ROM :))
        i hope we see an english speaking community support on Umi X1 in near future as it’s already sold on online retailer

        • TripleThreeNine

          Very good points. Well, maybe by ordering now and becoming the first owners of this UMi X1 we are paying the premium? The accessories are definitely overpriced.

          Check out my reply about the group buy, you might be interested, we’re on the same boat.

          • Niko

            yeah i interested, but maybe i can’t be happened as, i don’t think we even live on the same country hehe..
            and the phone is new release model, they can sell in premium and still can sell a lot, if we purchase least popular phone i think seller will consider a group buy

          • TripleThreeNine

            Living in the same country isn’t even required, the seller will be more than happy to get a large number of orders + popularity at the same time..

  • lu

    any news about the Jiayu G3 at lightake Andi? 🙂

  • UmiWaiter

    Well it’s been over 72 hours since I paid for UMI. Today browsing through different message boards in regards to UMI I haven’t found anyone who received track # from Uredeal. According to the posting a lot of people ordered it from them, some have over 118 hours since payment. You would think even if they had a back log with orders at least they should send to first customers. No, not even one happy customer. So this make me to believe they don’t have it in stock, at least yet. I think some official date of 28.10.2012 for second batch release was announced somewhere. Maybe that’s the problem?

    • Andy from URedeal just sent me a photos of the UMi X1 stock. They have a lot! I\’ll post the photo later.

      • UmiWaiter

        Thanx Andi. I hope it will prove me wrong and all of us will get long waited set ,hopefully before the price drop everywhere. 🙂

        • Emil

          Yes, I payed for my UMi X1 at Uredeal 4 days (96 hours) ago, and it has still not shipped. So I am as UmiWaiter thinking that they migth not have had it in stock after all.

          Hope it is true that they now have it in stock, and that they will ship it out soon… Can’t wait to get it 🙂

          • Emil

            Just saw that they have answered a this on the UMi X1 page:

            In stock? Really?
            I paid on October 24. When will the delivery?

            UREDEAL Reply :TODAY!

            Hope that applies for my phone as well 🙂

          • Simon W

            I paid on Monday. Yesterday I asked them, when to expect the shipping. The promised to ship it out today. I have not received a tracking number nor has the status changed. Let’s hope and wait..

        • Here are the photos they sent to me 🙂

          uredeal umi x1 stock

          uredeal umi x1 stock

          • TripleThreeNine

            That’s a sleek box for a sleek phone.

          • Niko

            wow! very nice box they had, great design to box too , will order mine tomorrow, by the way, anyone has a link on how to root thus phone ?

          • TripleThreeNine

            Should be easy to root. You can follow any guide specific to the MTK6577.

            I’m planning to place an order, thinking of AliExpress. Anyone else yet to order? We can order in a group and avail good discounts. Looking forward to you guys’ views.

          • Robin

            Nice picture! The top left one must be mine 🙂 I recieved email, phone is shipped with singpost and tracknr! I’m excited!

  • Dan

    Hi Andi, I live in China (Shanghai), any advice on where to buy the UMi X1 (or a JiaYu G3) locally? Now that both are officially out, I’ve checked some of the large electronics retail chains nearby but none are carrying them yet. Know of any large Chinese retailers (or websites) that are trustworthy?

    • Hi Dan these phones are super difficult to get regardless of where you are (there are zero here in Qingdao) I suggest you go online and get one. Someone on Taobao will have them for sale. Good Luck!

  • Plascoch

    Beware of ordering from the UreDeal company I ordered a Jiayu G3 from them on 11th September their website says its in stock but they have still not shipped my phone yet. See other article “Update: probably not! JiaYu G3 now in stock at resellers and online stores?” for instant chat interchange, web-site still says G3 in stock.

  • Simon W

    Just wanted to let you all know, that my order from uredeal got shipped out a few hours ago. 🙂 Will let you know about the quality and if the phone works with my provider (hopefully)..

    • Niko

      did you get tracking number? or using the free shipping?
      they promise me will send out using EMS, will follow up later if they ship it out 🙂

      • roberto

        Uredeal has just sent me the tracking number. It seems that umi X1 was been shipped by ems.
        Buy, and paid, on 23 shipped 26.
        Now i’m waiting for it in Italy

        • Niko

          can you tell me which shipping method are you choose on the order? expedited, standard or free? i want ems too hehe.. at least i will know that the phone has been shipped 🙂

          • roberto

            i choose that “expedited”.

      • Simon W

        They sent mine by DHL. I got a tracking number. But usually you have to wait for some time (24h) before you can trace the shippment on the DHL website…

    • kaskuser

      if they ship, i hope my seller in aliexpress will ship too tomorrow.
      because i think they are same company 🙂

  • UmiWaiter

    Got tracking # too. For now doesn’t give any results.

    • Niko

      i usually can tracked package sent 2 days (order some items sent via ems from aliexpress before) after i have the #, maybe you can try to check it again tomorrow

  • Richard

    email from uredeal
    Dear Richard Jepson,

    Your Order#2012102307243320 on has been shipped out successfully today shipped by DHL


    im still using a nokia n95 this is gonna be awesome!

  • raz5652

    ppl who got DHL tracking number what method of shipment did u choose? and what is EMS shipping method?

    as i choose Expedited Shipping, which was 3 to 8 working days and i got EMS tracking number.. strange thing is u guys order 4 or 5 days ago, i only ordered yesterday and my order is already been dispatched. looks like they wait to certain amount of orders and than they shipped them all.

  • kaskuser

    any body can access ?
    because i shipped by china post.
    but cannot open tracking web.

  • kaskuser

    for umi waiter include me.
    you can try umi x1 rom here
    i already download samsung galaxy s3 rom
    hope this rom great

    • Niko

      me download from , it has gapps , butninthink its the same rom as you post, but i don’t know wheter the custom rom is chinese or english one..
      csn tou confirm yours?

      will check on the site at the moment

    • UmiWaiter

      Thanx man. I’ve seen it before. Will try different thing when I’ll get it. Here is a link for getting root access

      • Simon W

        Let’s open a thread in the forum about rooting etc. UmiWaiter, are you able to translate the instruction? I do not understand Mandarin (or Cantonese?).. It would be cool if we could share our experience in the forum. I’m really interested in rooting the phone, but don’t want to brick it 😉

        • kaskuser

          i never flash it umi too.
          but usualy flash rom is not dificult.
          i suggest custom rom that already root.
          so you dont need root again.
          maybe when i get my phone and success to install custom rom, i will make tutorial and post in forum
          (btw andi , i register in your forum but never succes :p)

          • Niko

            isn’t it will be better if we open a thread on xda-dev ? so there will be huge support, hope they will interest to purchase the phone, the more the merrier haha.. and maybe someone will interesting on develop a custom rom for X1

            and we can always point here for the discount code 😉

          • TripleThreeNine

            I’ll do a custom ROM for us when I get mine =)

          • TripleThreeNine

            On which forum should we make a thread? It might get lost on xda because this is non-mainstream stuff. I suggest, they have a section for phones. What say?

        • UmiWaiter

          There is already open thread in Russian (use google crome with translation) And I think it wont be long before one will be open on xda-dev. In regards to our orders. As I suspected (see my posts above) today couple of shops where I was asking for UMI notify me they finally have phone in stock. And when I told them I already bought and got tracking # last Friday they were really surprised. Both of them said the factory officially releasing the phone today 28.10.2012 at 13:00. So the real shipment will start tomorrow. I guess that’s why none of the track # can be tracked yet. 🙂

          • kaskuser

            today is 3rd batch.
            1st batch sell 2.000 unit, price is 899 yuan in early sept
            2nd batch is 28 sept, 20.000 unit, price is 1099 yuan but with extra battery, leather case, hifi earphone in package.
            and today is 3rd batch, 20.000 unit, price is 999 yuan.
            so i think they produce 20.000 unit/’month.
            not like jiayu just produce 5000 unit for 2 month on 1st batch,
            but dont know when the other batch will release :))

  • Niko

    Place my order, haven’t got the tracking # , hope I will get it by monday, specifically ask for EMS as they promise me on the email before i make the purchase..

    by the way for those who interested on the accs, significantly drop the headset price from $50 to $19.99 but still not a bargain to me, i will only purchase it if it’s below $15 haha..

    portable charger is $9.69 and extra battery is $18.99, i think i will order these two after my phone arrived, can’t wait till it come (hope it will arrived within 2 weeks) yippy…

    • Niko

      correction, the quotes are special offer if we bought along the phone 🙂
      sorry for the mistake

  • Peer Boredull

    Hi Andi, great review. Will you do one for NEO N02-M which is much cheaper than UMI but with pretty similar specs? NEO even has a higher 5700+ Antutu score (see Pity that NEO has gone under the radar with more media attention on other brands!
    I came across a store on aliexpress ( which is really value for money because the package for standard + 32 G TF + gifts is only US$208.70 with free DHL delivery! That is about US$50 cheaper than other stores!
    I have already ordered 2 packages from them and their friendly staff has been most efficient in answering all my queries! Looking forward to receive it!
    Hope this post is useful for others who is looking for JIAYU G3 and UMI X1 alternatives!

    • TripleThreeNine

      I’d rather not order from them, they have a feedback score of zero.

      • Peer Boredull

        Thank you for advice. Will report on their service once I receive (or not) my order! ^_^

        • TripleThreeNine

          I hope I didn’t make it too bad for you :/ I just had a bad experience with an AliExpress seller and lost quite a few days because of that. Only yesterday the seller approved of my dispute and now I’m waiting to get my money back so I can place another order.
          Please keep us updated about yours, hope you get yours in good condition.

          • Peer Boredull

            No worries, hope you get your money back soon! Will update here on any developments. So far so good, they have already sent the package (within 24h after verification of payment) and will notify me once they get the tracking number from DHL!

    • kaskuser

      i prefer buy umi,with reason :
      1. neo screen resolution just QHD (960×540), umi is HD (1280×720), UMI PPI is better.
      2. Umi is use AGC Glass from Japan (which strong as Gorill Glass) and used by sony in sony xpreria product (dragon tail glass)
      i now have k-touch w700 which use same glass, and glass is realy strong
      you can see torture test in this video –>
      and you can googling your self how strong experia active screen.
      3. umi can use many rom (cyanogen, miui, leofrog, even galaxy s3 rom, etc) so i dont worry for jelly bean update for this phone.

      Just my opinion 🙂

    • Niko

      i’ve see it Neo N02-M, and imo it’s design nowhere near the beauty of X1 🙂
      even the specification is almost the same one

  • Richard

    Anybody found any links to reviews about this phone (video) you tube anything ?
    🙂 excited !

  • TripleThreeNine

    Haha, the box looks like a book, maybe can help people wanting to avoid paying customs.

    Check this:

    • teja

      i dont know about country customs , but in INDIA customs officer opens the box and check the phone also … it means he will the fist person to unbox any thing imported … if it is airmail there is a chance to receive only box with manuals …. phone will be in his pockets .

      • TripleThreeNine

        Haha dude I am from Pune. I don’t think that is the case.. you had such an experience?

        • teja

          yes my bro ordered a camera from a hong kong site via china airmail , after 30 days he got it and when he opened there is nothing except manuals . so tell me about u r experience with airmails especially have u received u r product safely with in said time period … and have u paid any customs ??

          • TripleThreeNine

            Oh my! That is sad. I had ordered a tablet – Aoson M11 RK3066 3 months back, and this UMi X1 – got it yesterday. Shipping was via DHL both times. No customs too, goods were marked as ‘sample’. And believe it or not, the phone got to me in ONE day. Yes, ONE day.

            I am sorry to hear about what happened with your brother.

  • raz5652

    mmmmm, that box looks too slim, phone batery and cable is fine, but what about the charger? can a charger fit in that box?

    • TripleThreeNine

      The charger comes in a separate sexy little box.

  • UMi X1 Actual weight

    • raz5652

      did u find this picture or weight it your self, ment to ask did u buy it?

      • raz5652

        sorry just saw uredeal logo on the pic

        • Drazuhl

          No Andy, I’m sorry but there has been almost 80 MILLION account created for the pre-sale:


          So of course many people will have created 2 or 3, hoping to get more chances but still, it’s millions of people waiting for 50k phones :'(

          So when I fail tomorrow I’ll look into other models…

          Either another quad-core or maybe I’ll take a UMi X1 for 1k RMB and when Xiaomi (or another unbelievable quad core) is available I’ll give the UMi to my sister or brother and buy the M2 😛

          • TripleThreeNine

            80 million not possible dude.

          • TripleThreeNine

            80 million sounds impossible!

          • WOW Xiaomi need to sort this out! If they launched in stores tomorrow I would buy one!

  • Drazuhl

    Hi Andy,

    I just saw on Xiaomi’s website that there is already 79 fu**ing million people that registered for the pre-sale tomorrow ‘>_>

    As I will most probably fail to order one and I’m really fed up waiting for this phone, I’m starting to consider other possibilities (in 4 core, I was thinking of Lenovo K860 for the big screen, maybe the Huawei D1, do you have other ideas?).

    But I was also wondering if I’m not just wanting to buy a quad core just because it’s the latest technology and I really can afford it for 2k RMB and that maybe it’s not really worth it.

    Can you give me an idea of the difference in daily use between a 4 core with 2GB ram like Xiaomi and a 2 Core 1GB ram like UMi X1?


    • I think it is more like 79,000 pre-sales.

      It depends what you want to use the phone for and where you are based. The MT6577 phone will do well for most things but if you are a big gamer you might like the quad core. Also you will have bragging rights you have a 4-core phone 🙂

  • Harald

    Hey Andi, i bought a phone with them and i wonder if they are legit and do they actually ship as they say. Its been almost 6 days since my order and i’ve raised 3 support tickets and still there hasn’t been much relief from them. So i wonder is this a safe website?

    I went with this website just because you were vouching for it, i thought maybe they are different from those other websites out there, but i am wondering if i made a bad bet there.

    • Hi I just spoke to them and have sent them your email. Hope they get back to you soon.

    • UmiWaiter

      Same thing, 6 days since payment, 3 days since tracking number and it’s still untraceable. Spoke with them today over messenger, asked why number isn’t in the system. They told me it’s too early and to check it in 2-3 days. It will be 6 days than since getting track. And this is EMS that I paid for $40. In 6-8 days it should be here but not just start showing in the system.

      • Sent them your email too to see if that will speed them up.

        • UmiWaiter

          Thanx Andi for your concern. Finally it’s really been posted at EMS brunch just few hours ago. “2012-10-29 18:27:00 BEIJING Posting ”
          As I suspected probably all orders were and will be sent not earlier then today.

          • Great glad it’s all sorted 🙂

  • pinoy

    hi andi.

    great job…just want to clarify 1 thing before i place my order for an x1. does it have a micro sd slot? because ive been reading conflicting infos about it. would appreciate ur usual accurate response.


    • Yup pretty sure it has an SD card.

  • ryan

    Hello Andi,

    I will be travelling to Macau in a week and am planning to visit Zhuhai. Can you please advice if Zhuhai has reputable shops to buy Chinese Android phones? How about HK? Which (Cheap) brands should I look out for?

    • Look for a ‘computer city’ or ‘phone city’ and you should find some bargains

  • Mark

    Hi Andi,

    Sorry to bother you with this, but my brother is in China for a month and will return to Bejing in a couple of weeks.
    Are there any well-known / reputable retail stores that he can visit to pick me up a nice phone?
    (preferably one of the newest ones expected to come out end of october / early november?)


  • Arifullah8

    Hi Andi and All UMI X1 proud owners,

    i question regarding Battery life

    1. Talk Time
    2. web browsing
    3. Videos
    4. Stand by

    Hope every body enjoying UMI X1


  • B0FF

    I wanted to get an Umi x1 during their promotional Time in the official umi store (
    However I am unable to put it in the shopping basket.
    Do I have to collect “points” in their forum to be able to get one.
    btw. I live in China, but I can´t read characters. Thx

  • Hrtr

    In which part of the site put the discount coupon? I’m not thinking.

    • At the end when you confirm payment

  • Niko

    i found a very good deal on accs pack for umi x1, already purchase, i think it a safe bet since i’ve pay using paypal, if not shipped in a week i will ask for a refund from paypal 🙂

    Original Accessories package for UMI X1 Android phone
    1 x Original Ultra-thin Wall charger
    1 x Original Ultra-thin 1750mA battery
    1 x Original Leather case(Black/White)
    1 x Original HIFI Headset
    1 x Original Protector back cover

    it’s only for $28 worldwide free shipping, anyone purchase there before? is a reliable store?

  • Simon W

    Jsut wanted to let you all know that my phone from UREDEAL arrived today.
    The overall build quality is great. The screen ist especially nice 🙂 The package contained: 1 phone, 1 battery, 1 usb cable, 1 wall charger, 2 screen protectors.

    I did not have to pay any costumes (taxes), the phone was declared as “sample of no commercial value”, commodity value USD 30.. and a “pro-forma invoice” was inside the package (with the declared 30 dollars..). Thank you UREDEAL 🙂

    Currently I’m trying to uninstall that Buidu input keyboard app and replace it with Multiling…

    See you

    • Niko

      wow!!! congratulation man..

    • Awesome!!!

    • Arifullah8

      Simon W,

      Congrats so review and give feed back about Battery test, Photo quality taken from camera (Inside Room , out door in day and Night condition etc…) , video quality


    • TripleThreeNine

      Awesome man! As arifullah said, we’re waiting for a review. Congrats for your new toy!

    • raz5652

      congrats man, still waiting for mine.. where are u based Simon? cause your order was delivered by DHL, am in UK and mine through EMS…

      Plus did u say screen inst nice or it is nice?

      • Simon W

        I live in Zurich, Switzerland. I did chose DHL because UREDEAL displayed a faster delivery time 🙂 But I hat to pay an extra 15 USD or something like that..

        Screen is very nice! 🙂

        The only thing bothering me is that I cannot gain root access… and I wasn’t able to flash the rom provided in another thread…

        • Simon W

          Successfully Rooted using the app frum Shuame [] / Wasn’t able to update the rom I successfully downloaded with the program..(too bad I don’t understand mandarin or cantonese.. however there was a message written in red..).. At least nothing got bricked 🙂 I deleted bost bloatware (livewallpapers, chinese apps) with Titanium Backup.. Time for a rest.. 🙂

          • Awesome keep us all updated!

          • Niko

            if i not mistaken to install ROM from the link Andi provide you must using CWM (boot to recovery using power+vol up button), i can’t test it now, as my phone still not arrived 🙂

            to install cwm you will need, mtk 6577 usb driver and flash tool

            (at least that’s what i know, cmiiw)

            about X1 ROM and how to flash , maybe you want to check on this Russian forum (use Google translate, i don’t understand Russian too), they’re using shuame tool

          • Niko

            i think i found the flash tool and scatter file for X1, to install CWM recovery, but it’s in chinese 🙂


            after successfully install CWM you can install ROM from Andi post

  • sam

    @Andi: Do you know of any cheap chinese phones using the MT6589 chip (quad core a7 + SGX544 graphics)? ZTE and lonovo are coming out with ones using this chip, any other chinese ones going on sale soon?

    • Possibly JiaYu and I imagine, Newman, Zopo and Oppo too

  • Hi everyone Andy from Uredeal contacted me today asking me to make let everyone know that they are having to change shipping from Singapore post to China air post. There is security scare at Singapore post and they are now opening all packages.
    Andy also sent me some photos of their latest batch of UMi X1 phones

    • X1

      Then what will happen to the older orders? My order is currently being shipped to Singapore post (why do they need to go China -> Singapore -> Destination anyway?) are we screwed?

  • lurker

    Does this phone support wcdma 900??

  • Robin

    Andi, don’t tell me the orders shipped to Singapore on 26th October are still in Singapore….:-(

    • Mee

      I think we are screwed. I have a feeling that the parcel is still in China as Sinpost only show that the package information is received and no physical package yet. Its 10 days already since receiving the tracking notice. I am sure that Sinpost do not need 10 days to deliver package from China to Singapore. Uredeal is asking us to be patience as Sinpost is busy as it Christmas season! Christmas is 7 weeks away! Now, Uredeal does not accept postings at their Umi page.I have contacted them 3 times and the last time got no response yet. I really hope I am wrong as I want my Umi badly. Has any one paying by Sinpost received theirs yet?

      • Plenty of people have received theirs. If you are worried contact Uredeal

        • TripleThreeNine

          I’d never put money on a 70 day old site, that with the products being overpriced. You never know. And also, express shipping is a better option not only because its fast, but AFAIK private players handle your parcels in a Mich better manner.

          @Andi: guess you missed him saying ‘I have contacted them 3 times and the last time got no response yet.’

          • rupi99


            I agree regarding express shipping. This is the better (but more pricey) way. I ordered my X1 on 25th October, it was shipped on 1st November and I received it this Monday 5th November. I chose DHL Express and I could track it.

        • X1

          Except that it doesn’t really help, they’ll tell you that the package has been handed to their SingPost agent who will ship it to Singapore. Their website even states that it takes ~2-3 days but it has been tripled by now and still not in Singapore.

      • Emil

        I have the exact same problem. Shipped on 29 of october, but status still says “INFORMATION RECEIVED (This is not an acknowledgment of the physical receipt of the stated Registered Article)”. I have contacted Uredeal several times, but there is not help to get, the just say that it has been handed over to Singapore Post, but the tracking information clearley states that it is not the case…

  • roberto

    Just for information. Yesterday i received (here in Italy) my Umi bought on uredeal

    • galinho

      Can you tell me when it was shipped? And what was the type of shipping you choose?

      • roberto

        Hi Galinho it was an expedite shipped on 28th october.

  • Richard

    Hi guys received mine today what a phone !!! nice one Andi thank you for all your advice 🙂

    cant wait to test it out !!! 😀

  • hajj_3

    Do these phones ever get official firmware updates or will you be stuck on android 4.0 forever?

  • realist

    UreDeals have proven to be a litany of continuous lies. They refuse (and will not prove) that their claimed “shipments” to Singapore Post are truly in the posession of Singapore post, and they offer absolutely zero tangible information. Singapore Posts own info indicates they do NOT have posession of the claimed Udeal shipment(s).

    This may soon be a matter before Interpol.

    Andy, you seem like a nice guy, but you are defending Udeal — be careful what you are involved in.

    • I see a lot of people who have received there phones from Uredeal. If you have a problem with them contact them directly I’m sure they’ll do something about it.

    • Use your real email next time when commenting too I was just about to contact Uredeal and help you out with your problem…..

      • Mee

        I agree with realist frustration. I have contacted Uredeal at least 5 times and each time got different excuse. Still cannot see any information On SingPost since Oct 28th. I know lots of people have received their orders, but I think their are EMS or DHL shipping and so far no one with free shipping. Uredeal cannot be trusted. I really hope I am wrong.I will wait for a few more days and then I will open up a dispute resolution at Paypal.

        • I’ll pass these comments on to Uredeal and see if we can get some up to date info out of them.

        • kaskuser

          i think the problem is not in seller, the problem is in china post departement.
          i buy from aliexpress, the last status in china post tracking web site is “departure from outward office of exchange” and never arrive to my country until now.
          what you last status in china post tracking?

  • Richard

    Im sorry to see what im reading here now . My purchase from uredeal was awsome and i will go back there to buy next time without even thinking twice!

    Andi if it wasnt for your advice id still be waiting in G3 land !! so many big big thanks again

    I found uredeals service very efficient when i asked them anything they always responded within 10 hours

    Good luck all receiving your phones i’m sure you will get them or a refund if there are any issues.

    • pridz

      I also would be happy to use Urdeal again.I orderd my phone and used DHL,arrived in just over three weeks(UK).Lucky I guess,just thought I would post to maybe ease the worry a little as I would be the same if mine hadnt arrivedso promptly.Phone is worth the wait,thanks to Andi and Gizchina for making me aware.

      • glad you are happy with it 🙂

  • UmiWaiter

    If I will not receive it by the end of this week I’ll be asking for my money back. Paid on 23.10.2011 $40 for EMS delivery. Last status update on 30.10.2012. So much for expensive fast expedited shipping. Useless. I was ordering things from China for a while and usually max delivery time 2 weeks. In this case it’s almost a moths and still unknown whereabouts.

    • UmiWaiter

      Called local EMS and they confirmed they still don’t have the package.

      • Mee

        I pity the staff at Uredeal who has to deal with irate customers like us. By the way I am still waiting for my Umi shipped on 29th Oct. The staff are great and polite and usually reply emails, but lie regarding the shipment! Lots of customers are having problems with shipment. Looking at the latest reply regarding Umi shipment at Uredeal website,it looks like the pacvkages are still in HK to be sorted. Read the attached reply
        ” :i understand that they are very worried about their parcels. But these are only the parcel shipped on 29th of Oct. At that moment, the SG post is overloading, but right now, SG post is trying to resort the parcels from HK sorting center and SG sorting center. And the SG Post said that these parcels which shipped on 29th of Oct. will be all deliveryed to the customers countries\’ territory within this week. –Andy”
        Uredeal stated all purchase WILL BE DELIVERED THIS WEEK, meaning by today. Fat chance when it still untrackable.

        • UmiWaiter

          They have excuse for all the shipment regardless which service in use. SG is overloaded they say. But listen what they say about my EMS which presumably was shipped on 29.10.2012 at cost of $40 fee: ” Dear, you know there is a Communist party meeting in China right now. Just wait.” And I hear same thing over and over every day. I told them at least to refund $40 if they want me to wait any longer. Of cause they went silent after that.
          Andi, please, pass this on to Andy or whoever is there. Tell them to make thing right and don’t leave us with sour taste with this unlucky purchases.

  • Robin

    I ordered a Umi x1 on 22 Oct, still no info from Singpost.. Please use your contacts at Uredeal to fix the problem!

    • Mee

      Further more Uredeal has given 3 different websites to track my parcel and each one basically stated that the package is still in HK. My gut feeling is that the shipment on 28/29 Oct was either lost or never ship. I will open up a dispute action with Paypal to get my refund. I am sick of Uredeal telling all lies. Just tell us the truth and we all can live with it. I have ordered stuff from Ebay, DHgate, Dino (over 400 items) and have not had a single issue with shipment. China post is the slowest and HK and Singapore post are much faster (max 10 days). None of the shipping company mentioned are this inefficient.

  • Plascoch

    It does not surprise me that people are having problems with Uredeal, I ordered a JiaYu G3 from their AliExpress store on 11th September and I am still waiting for it. The last update I had states that the price was increased and they will not ship me the product (now that at last they have it in stock) unless I pay another $21.00. In 2 days time the AliExpress automatic refund will be paid to me as the terms and conditions state that you get your money back if they have not shipped the product within 65 days. I am now just waiting for my refund. I will never order anything from them again.

  • UmiWaiter

    According to Russian message board from this Friday a lot of people in Russia and Ukraine starting to receive their phones ordered after us from different shops on aliexpress. They all come via various shipping methods. In Ukraine you can even buy UMI X1 with a next day delivery (confirmed). But there whoever bought the phone from Uredeal having problem with shipping. Below is LATEST excuse from Uredeal to one of concerned buyer with EMS shipping”
    “I have just called the EMS, and a girl told me that your parcel is transferred by truck from China to Russia.Because the parcel contents the battery. We are confused with this answer. I even yelled with her, but the answer
    is the parcel is still underway to Russia. ”

    I don’t know what to say. Probably customers in USA will receive theirs by submarine or else. But even if I’m lucky and will get mine soon, I’ll ask to refund the shipping cost cause next week will be month since I paid for the phone and EMS delivery.

  • X1

    From what I’ve seen, uredeal sends out UMIs to the people with DHL delivery to make it appear that they send them out, DHL is fast and thus fast evidence.
    This gives people hope while they wait for their registered mail package to come while uredeal makes excuses. They will probably keep it up till the paypal dispute time has passed and then say screw you.
    They are obviously lying to Andi about all this.

    • I hope this isn’t the case and I’ll keep on passing on any problems you guys are having. People are getting their phones judging by the happy comments I have read hear I’m not sure what the case is…

      • X1

        Thing is, I don’t think I’ve seen a single happy comment combined with SingPost. Pretty sure all of them were DHL.

        • Mee

          If you pay by Paypal is best to open a dispute resolution in Paypal. Uredeal still insist that Singapore Post is overloaded. I find it very hard to believe since Oct 28/29 that Singapore are still not able to scan the package. As for example ” Item approved and waiting for shipping to overseas destination” So far only “information received:”. I think the shipment is still in China/Hong Kong.

  • UmiWaiter

    UmiWaiter no more. Today finally received the phone, 28 days since purchase and EMS delivery. Package reached my country only on 18.11.2012. Took 3 weeks to get from Chinese export to local import.

    • That’s great news! Glad you got it 🙂

    • Mee

      Umiwaiter, glad that you have your UMI. I hope you like it. Wow, it took 28 days by EMS ! And for Sing Post customers how long?. In my experience for delivery. DHL (2 to 4 days) is quickest, EMS (4 to 6 days), Singapore post (5 to 14 days), Hong Kong Post (similar to Sing Post) and China Post ( 7 to 20 days). All these are from China to OZ during normal seasons. During festive seasons add 3 to 7 days extra. I am still waiting for my package (Sing Post). Still cannot track. Now, Uredeal says its 15 to 45 days (excluding weekend) delivery now – outside PayPal dispute claim! So, in theory it can take up to 2 months for delivery if one elect to buy using free postage ! I just got delivery of B92M by China Post bought from another China merchant !

  • UmiWaiter

    Mee, yes same experience with previous deliveries to New Zealand and Ukraine. But not this time. Overall the phone is ok but one major problem from what I read and now tried myself. It’s an issue with GPS . The GPS antenna is to weak. And some Chinese users are going to extreme to fix it.

  • Richard

    Hi All does anyone who has received this phone have any issues with the screen at all?.
    I noticed on mine a little black mark when it arrived but didn’t think anything of it it works all ok but just has a little mark as if the glass wasn’t stuck to the screen properly. I Don’t care though it works and is a damn good phone.

    • TripleThreeNine

      Guess you’re referring to screen bleeding here. There’s a little on mine too, which is very very less and manageable.

  • Richard

    Thanks Triplethreenine i was wondering what it was.
    Does the “screen bleeding” get worse at all over time or just stay the same ?



    • TripleThreeNine

      I can’t give a definitive answer to that..
      I have a Chinese tablet which had a little bleeding too.. and I think it has increased ever so slightly (it might be me)

      But that’s a 10″ screen, I think it is more prone to such stuff..
      I don’t think it’ll get worse on the phone though.

      BTW, you might want to check out my review. Just click on my name.

      • Richard

        Thats a great review sir well done .. after the screen bleeding im gonna order a G3 next week from uredeal . wil give me mrs the one i dont decide to keep 😀

        • TripleThreeNine

          Thank you Richard.
          Hahathat’s cocool, I hope you get both in good condition.

  • X1

    Well disregard any conspiracy theories I posted. SingPost really was god awfully slow. Not uredeal’s fault.

    • Mee

      I got my Sing Post status changed to DISPATCHED today – after 31 days since payment. I don’t think Sing Post is that inefficient. No delivery company can be in business taking 28 days just to send a package out .I believed, Uredeal use a shipping agent, and I think is this where the problem lies OR Uredeal just don’t have stock and only send out orders recently.Now, I just wait for another week for delivery to my home address.

      • Hope you get it in time for Christmas!

      • X1

        Yeah, I also suspected them for not having stock. It was made pretty obvious since they posted 2 images stating how much stock they had. They had only 170 phones and with Andi advertising too, it’s not really likely to have had less than 170 orders but I meh, it got shipped now so it’s fine.

  • Richard

    HI all i just noticed here on the uredeal site in the comments that someone else has the same issue with the screen as i have they wrote

    “Hi. I receive phone but it has 5mm point on screen. It look like touch panel not properly glued. When powered, screen is brighter in this place. Request refund or exchange. Please, check your mail and give me return instructions. Thanks”

    Has anyone else had this issue ? design fault maybe ?

    will check with uredeal as reagrds to warranty returns and let you know the outcome
    Anyway will order the G3 tomorrow

    Richard 🙁

    • If you have an issue like this get on to the seller right away and get a replacement.

      • Richard

        HI Andy i have contacted them today and just sent them some pictures . I don’t have anywhere to upload the pictures for everybody to see however if anybody would like to see the fault let me know and maybe i can email you some pictures.

        Just ordered a G3 from them too today 🙂



  • Richard

    Well update they had passed the pictures i had sent to the Umi engineers who said well return it and we will replace it.
    That will cost me a lot of money to send it back from here I have been told from Europe to China.
    They said that if i could live with the small mark on the screen they would give me a discount on my next order. I purchased a G3 and they offered to send me an extra battery and silicone case,
    Instead i asked them to send me a battery for the Umi X1 and case for that as the battery doesn’t last long at all .
    They have agreed and also said that if my Umi x1 does develop a full screen fault they will repair replace it

    any opinions guys ?


  • Pedrito

    Hi Andi, got my UMI X1 and all works well but I can’t find a USB driver for Win7/64 or Win8/64. Tried many Android drivers – no luck. Any clue?

  • lusader

    Hi, what’s the WCDMA/3g?
    I saw on several sites 850/1900/2100
    And you only says 2100…

    • WCDMA is a China only 3G network