JiaYu G2S details and specification leaked

While many Chinese resellers are currently selling the new updated dual-core Jiayu G2 as the G2S this isn’t actually the case as JiaYu are planning to launch an all new G2S with updated cameras soon!

The JiaYu G2S is likely to cost slightly more than the G2 $100 price tag, expect around $120+ but will get a much improved 8 mega-pixel rear camera to make up for the price increase.

As well as the improved rear camera JiaYu are also claiming the G2S will feature an all new design and will be manufactured from high quality materials including a Titanium alloy for improved durability!

The rest of the specification is similar to the current JiaYu G2 as the JiaYu G2S will come equipped with a dual-core MT6577 CPU running at 1Ghz with 1GB RAM and 4GB ROM.

Screen size will be 4 inch with a resolution of 960 x 540 and a rather large 2050 mAh battery will be nestled inside the 9.9mm thick body.

As always with JiaYu we don’t have set launch dates, but judging by the current succesful launch of the G2 we don’t expect the same sort of delays and problems the JiaYu G3 suffered.


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