GooPhone i5 iPhone 5 clone specifications, photos and release date!

GooPhone i5 iPhone 5 clone specifications, photos and release date!


The GooPhone i5 is the stuff of legends! It is the first iPhone 5 clone to surface BEFORE the iPhone 5 launch, and it comes from the only Chinese phone company bold enough to threaten to sue Apple over the iPhone 5 design! And now after a few months we finally have official specifications! But were they really worth waiting for?

So a few months ago the internet was a wash with reports of GooPhone threatening to sue Apple should they show up in China with the iPhone 5.

At that time GooPhone didn’t have a working i5 to show press but they claimed that their iPhone 5 clone would come with a quad-core Tegra 3 CPU, 1GB RAM, 16GB of on board memory, and a 4 inch IPS display with 1280 x 720 resolution!

goophone i5 iphone 5 clone launch date specification

Impressive to say the least, however it appears that GooPhone are masters of amnesia and have gone back on their claims! The newly revised specification of the GooPhone i5 iPhone 5 clone is a whole lot less impressive, but a whole lot more likely!


The latest claims out of GooPhone HQ is that the i5 iPhone 5 clone will go on sale late November and will come in this fantastic packaging, and will ship with a range of colourful covers as shown in the above photo.

goophone i5 iphone 5 clone dock

However that quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU which was originally announced has now shriveld up in to a 1Ghz dual-core MT6577 CPU, meaning it might no be fully compatible on many international networks! Although it does suggest the i5 could be a dual-sim phone.

GooPhone continue to claim their iPhone 5 clone will measure in at just 7.6mm and will get an Apple like lightning connector, but I’ll believe it when I see it which according to reports should be the end of November!

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  • Ernesto

    What a pity!!! I was waiting for this chinese phone to be released but………….yet again, I feel a bit let down with these new specs.
    I’ll wait to see what the OPPO FIND 5 specs and price tag are in the end but no wonder why current buyers are running away from chinese brands, as we’re seeing so many fiascos over the last weeks: Jiayu G3, Xiaomi Mi2, now Goophone i5…….
    I know understand this whole world buzz about tbe Nexus4: serious business company and doing what they promise………and at a much competitive price tag! !!!!

    • hunter

      does the phone work with sprint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kethan

    Lets watch for the price !

  • Jim

    I’ve been waiting for this phone forever. So disappointed. Oh well, I might as well just go for the Nexus 4. At $300 and you know it’s actually going to be released with the specs they say when they say.

    Quad core, NFC, IPS, Wireless Charging what more could you want? Oh yeah maybe you’d want expandable storage… With the rest of the specs I can live without that.

  • Mik

    I thought that the MTK6577 is generally compatible with 3G networks? Anyone knows if it is also compatible with 3.5g in Europe? 3g is quite slow after all (384kb or something)

  • Michael

    Hi guys,

    i can give you some more information about this phone since i just received it!
    I ordered a Tegra 3 version but got ripped off… I payed 266 euros and i ended up with these specs.

    I can confirm this is the new version but there are some differences from the specs above.

    The CPU is MT6575
    Antutu benchmark score is 3370
    Camera is 8 mpx
    Screen resolution is 480 x 854
    Connection is with micro usb (for charging and data transfer)
    Android version is 2.3

    As you can see its not really a impressive phone…

    I would not recommend it

    If you need more info just let me know



    • Herby

      Hi Michael,

      I think you get delivered an outdated phone. In any case, not the phone you’ve
      ordered and not the phone, which ist reported here, because it’s not available
      at this time. Currently, there are clones with MTK6577 (dual core) an Android 4.0.4. for aprox. € 160,00 + shipping available. However, the GooPhone i5 has
      quite a bit more on board.

      • Michael

        Hi Herby

        Thanks for the info!
        How can i find out what phone i have?
        It looks exactly like the goophone i5…

        • Herby

          …. there are felt hundreds of iphone clones …. if you got no reference to the manufacturer (eg Goophone, Hero, Star, Feiteng etc.) when ordering or on the packaging, I can not help you at this point.

          If you want to have more details about your hardware or your phone, I suggest you zDevice or/ and AnTuTu from the Playstore.

          But here again, do not expect too much. Mostly, the firmware and the android version is/ are (also) masked/ cloned. In this respect I do not think, that herein are Information about the manufacturer.

          • Michael

            Wow hundreds of clones, incredible…
            Well i ordered a goophone I5 at SWEDISH PHONES,
            the phone is 7.6 mm , so i was thinking i have the lower spect goophone.

            Who is to tel…

    • ugyen

      hi what about the picture quality

    • niraj

      hello.. but what abut the photo capturing quality or resolation of korean i phone 5s.
      please bro send me sum capturing images.

  • Michael


    It uses one micro SD card on the side off the phone,
    there seems to be no way to add a SD CARD !!

    • Michael

      I meant to say there is a micro SIM card slot,
      but no micro SD card slot!

  • Michael

    Ps, i did not come in the fantastic packaging,
    just a plane simple Iphone box, with iphone manual.
    It comes with a gray cover ,earphones and charger(usb)

  • Dan

    Hey Michael i think the one you’ve got is a clone from the goophone i5. Considering you bought it from swedishphones it think you’ve got ripped off.
    Also do the headphones look like the newest design or is it just the old one?

  • Sweetaffy

    Hello, I am Korean reader. I have some questions about this goophone i5.
    Does that phone really have tegra3? i think it is mtk6589.
    And did you buy it, then can you give some links that where did you get that

    • The Tegra 3 GooPhone hasn’t arrived yet, and I’m doubting it ever will.