And the winner of the UMi X1 is……

This has been the craziest competition we have had on Gizchina with over 2500 entries! But we have finally chosen a winner and the that person is…..

The UMi x1 is one great Android phone! It features a 1270 x  720 4.5 inch resolution display, dual-core MT6577 CPU and 1GB RAM, oh and that screen is protected by AGC (Dragontail) anti-scratch protection (which also happens to be the answer to the question).

But the question on everyone’s lips now is “who has won the UMi X1?” We’ll it was tricky to choose has we had a sudden burst of entries on Thursday, with some of you trying to enter the competition a few hundred times. We’ll I cleared all the duplicates out, ran the numbers through random number generator, not an iPhone casino, and came to the number 253!

umi x1 hands on video gizchina hero

So number 253 AKA Tomislav Žuro, you are the lucky winner of the UMi X1! (an email is on the way to you now!)

Thanks to the great guy’s at Uredeal who are going to prepare the shipping, for all of you who want to by a Umi X1 or even a JiaYu G3 for that matter you should check them out!


How do we choose the winners?

We’ll it’s a rather slow and boring process, but I’m sure some of you would like to know.

Basically I take the number of entries and place that in a random number generator, so in this case I placed the number 2653 in the generator and got the number 841. I then spent hours choosing 841 random numbers, then from there chosen another and worked my way through again (I really need to think of a better way to do it!)

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