Rumours of a January JiaYu G4 launch date surface, sound unlikely!

It appears many have forgotten about the JiaYu G3 rumour and launch fiasco of 2012 and are now eagerly awaiting word for the JiaYu G4 release date, with some rumours suggesting it’s just day’s away!

The JiaYu G4 aims to follow in the footprints of the current G3, but will feature a number of key updates while retaining an affordable price.

JiaYu have already released the official specification for the phone (below), and have told us that there will be 2 models available with slightly different specs depending on how you intend to use the phone, but the question on everyone’s lips is “when will the Jiayu G4 launch?”

Well rumours from December suggest the G4 will go on sale sometime this month, but with only a few days left, this is looking very unlikely, however this hasn’t stopped some online resellers from taking pre-orders for their next generation JiaYu!

We’re not sure if these resellers have some special insider knowledge from JiaYu, but all we can think about are the hundreds of disappointed G3 customers last year who paid deposits only to have to wait months before their phones even shipped!

My advice to you is hold off pre-ordering the G4 until an official launch date appears, and even then be prepared for a wait.

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