KTouch 5.7-inch quad-core Tegra 3 Phablet is just $376

KTouch 5.7-inch quad-core Tegra 3 Phablet is just $376


It hasn’t taken 5.5+ inch phones to more from relative obscurity to the mainstream and it now seems every manufacture has at least one model to choose from. KTouch are no different and have just released their 5.7-inch Hornet phablet.

On paper there isn’t much between the Ktouch at 2345 Yuan ($376) and the more expensive, and slightly larger, Huawei Ascend Mate. Both phones offer 720HD, have quad-core processors and similar design, but the KTouch uses slightly older tech to get the job done.

The Ktouch is powered by a quad-core 1.5Ghz CPU Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU (which is still a potent chip set), 1GB RAM, and Geforce GPU. This set up means the more adorable KTouch still manages impressive benchmarks, with score approaching 13000 in Antutu.

ktouch hornet 5.7-inch android phablet antutu

To keep costs down further an 8 mega-pixel rear camera has been chosen to replace a more expensive 13 mega-pixel sensor, and Android 4.0 ICS is the pre-installed OS rather than one of the Jelly Bean flavours.

Looking through the specs and knowing the KTouch brand the 5.7-inch Hornet looks like a serious bargain!

What do you guys think?

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  • Hello,

    This looks very promising …

    However … I suspect that the KILLER PROBLEM will exist !

    If I dig deeper; I expect to find that there is NO Over The Air (OTA) service provided.

    This is proving to be a DEAD STOP ISSUE in importing to the UK.

    Yes … I know it’s not a very real problem (I lived with an Android 2.2.2 Dell Streak 5 for over 2 years … and never really suffered a problem.

    But new buyers, tempted by Android 4.0.x appear very reluctant to live with NO UPGRADES !

    I have a ‘plan’ that could work to fix this – and cost little per device – but the ‘Chinese Second Tier Manufacturers’ seem very reluctant to step up to the plate.

    And many of them ask me ‘what does OTA mean’ !!!!!

    Can anyone suggest how we can break this ‘logjam’ ?

    • OTA will be available here in China, but the servers might not connect to the phone in the UK.

      Updating is as easy as downloading the new firmware on to the SD, pressing a few buttons and waiting. It’s a 5minute job even for someone who has never done it before.

    • Igor

      The upgrades depends only bybthe manufacturer. By the way, I always updated my Meizu MX m030 without using OTA

      • OTA isn’t always the best way either. My Wife’s One X always has a major meltdown when we use the OTA.

  • OK guys …I give in !!

    But please might we have a post from someone who knows that takes us (me in particular … ) through the process.

    I’d be delighted to tell anyone who asks me … how to do an ‘OTA Update’ without it happening in the dead of night.

    Please !!!

    • Updates can be done when you like. An update won’t be installed without your knowledge, unless you have set it up to.

  • Thanks Andi, and I apologise for using an English ‘figure of speech’ !!

    What I’m actually seeking is a method for …

    1. Finding the files for an Android update for any particular Chinese made phone,

    2. Managing the copying of such files – preferably to a PC online.

    3. Transferring the files to, say, a memory stick or an SD card, and

    4. Applying the files to the subject Chinese Smartphone or Tablet.

    Has this process been published already … or can someone be found to supply it on this website … Please !!

  • Hi Andi, and thanks again … but I think I’ll stick with … ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it ‘ … school of thought / recommendation / option.

    I regularly attempt to get in touch with Chinese manufacturers whose products I like the look of …

    But, rarely can I get past the ‘What you mean with ‘OTA’? response.

    In my attempts to import into the UK – I think I’ll stick with the recommendation above and talk to my own experience of 2 years with the Dell Streak 5 and Android 2.2.2 !

    In short … The Dell Streak 5 was not ‘broken’ … so I learned to stick with it !

    Thanks, very much for what you sent me.

  • Joe

    I want a nice Phablet, but I’m afraid this is another that will support WCDMA 2100 only. In the USA you need 850/1900 for AT&T, or 1700 for T-Mobile if you want at least 3G data. Do you know of any >5″ Phablets that do 1700? I know there is http://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_ascend_mate-5237.php which is fantastic. But expected price is $500-$600.

    • Hey Joe – the product details for the K-touch Hornet Touch can be found here:


      (You’ll need Google translation if you don’t read Chinese)

      Per the specifications, the phone supports:
      GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
      WCDMA: 850/2100/900/1700/1900MHz

      This means the phablet is actually a pentaband phone, supporting pretty much every 3G band. If so, then this phone will work on both AT&T as well as T-Mobile.

      Although the phone is not 4G (and I don’t think any of these phones will be in the near future), you can get high speed 3G depending upon the upload/download speeds the phone supports.

      • Cheers for the info 🙂

  • Mike

    Hi Andi, where can I buy this phone? Can you post a link?