JiaYu Announce Important JiaYu G4 updates

JiaYu might be taking their sweet time launching the quad-core JiaYu G4, but at least it appears they are spending their time wisely and have introduced a number of great updates to the flagship phone.

To date JiaYu have worked on around 10 great updates for the G4 to make this JiaYu phone the greatest they have every released. Updates include:

  1. An OS upgrade from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to Android 4.2.
  2. The use of a Yamaha audio chip for improved sound quality.
  3. The thinner model of the G4 will now get a slightly larger 1850mAh battery.
  4. Rear camera lens is now a F2.4 5p lens manufactured by an unnamed international manufacturer.
  5. Improvements to 3G SIM support.
  6. Both black and white versions of the phone will feature better steel bands around the bodies.
  7. Capacitive buttons will only light up when touched to improve battery life.
  8. Improved charger for lower load
  9. Improved material for the included data connection/charger cable.
  10. Updated styling of the packaging.

It’s encouraging that JiaYu are improving the G4 still, but at the same time it’s a worry as it indicates that the phone is not quite ready for production!

We will bring you more Jiayu G4 news as we get it.

Thanks to ivo001 for the tip!

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