Video: UMi X2 vs iPhone 5 comparison

The much sought-after UMi X2 has appeared on video once again, this time compared to Apple’s current flagship phone the iPhone 5. Video below!

This video, made by Chinese online reseller Antelife, shows another engineering sample of the UMi X2 in comparison to the iPhone 5 (the video title says iPhone 4S but it’s clearly a 5). Unsurprisingly the UMi X2 is much larger than the 4-inch iPhone and is thicker too, however it is nice to see the X2 compared to a device many of us can relate to in terms of size.

Despite having a full HD 5-inch display and packing a 2500mAh battery, dual-sim support and micro SD card reader, the UMi X2 doesn’t look overly bulky or difficult to handle when compared to the thinner, narrower Apple phone.

As for performance, the video doesn’t compare just how fast the UMi phone is compared to the iPhone 5, which we gather is down to the fact this is a 1GB prototype, but we do get to see the from camera in action.

Watch the UMi X2 vs iPhone 5 Comparison video

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