UMi X2 screenshots show the first quad-core MT6589 with 2GB RAM

UMi look to be on track to launch their flagship phone either later this month or early next month, and screenshots of the phone UMi X2 finally seem to prove that the X2 is in fact now running 2GB RAM!

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The X2 looks to have been just one step away from heading in to full production, the pesky issue with compatibility between the quad-core Mediatek MT6589 processor and 2GB RAM. The first hint we had that the problem had been fixed was when the No.1 P7 mini Pad got an official launch date, and now it seems UMi have got a fix too.

The screen shots here show that the X2 is also running Android 4.2.1, has a PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU, 12.6 mega-pixel rear camera and 1.9 megapixel front.

So now all the pieces are in place how long will we have to wait we get an official release date for the UMi X2!

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  1. Aditya
    April 15, 2013

    The title says 2 GB ROM ! 😐

    • April 15, 2013

      oh dear one moment

      • ria sen
        May 15, 2013

        Umi India – SHAME, SHAME, SHAME
        No updates regarding delivery of UMI X2 to customers who have paid full amount till date either in UMI India website or Facebook even on 15th May 2013.
        Customers without any knowledge unable to take proper decision whether to cancel their orders and ask for refund, or file consumer case, or even PIL in Supreme Court of India, or make complaint before Economic Offence Wing of Delhi Police.
        Neither UMI India Website nor Umimobile Facebook mentions the Registered Office of Umi India or the Company operating behind the Veil of Umi India from Indian Soil. Corporate details, corporate office, registered office, distributor office address, contact address not provided anywhere.
        If UMI India (or the persons operating behind) is not a fraud furnish the necessary details in your website and Facebook ASAP?
        If the necessary details are not furnished ASAP, PIL before Hon’ble Supreme Court of India or Complaint before Economic Offence Wing of Delhi Police is in pipeline for seizure of your bank accounts, closure of your website and Facebook accounts, and arrest of Umi India Directors, officers and employees for cheating and embezzlement of payments made by innocent customers who were induced to pay by your intentional, dishonest and fraudulent promise to deliver UMI X2 by March 2013, then by April 2013, and now by 15th – 18th May 2013 when you had complete knowledge of the real facts that you are not in a position to deliver on your promise.

  2. yash khatri
    April 15, 2013

    We had this phone reviewed in india from gogi rana ( renowned tech reviewer) and I am hopeless now after seeing this phone perform so bad the X1s have better benchmarks than the 2GB ram one well it’s just another piece of crap now

  3. Whyzor
    April 15, 2013

    The 480 ppi number looks suspicious too. 5″ 1080p is 440 ppi pixel density.

    • Victor
      April 16, 2013

      You right ! with 5″ 1080 x 1776 it must be 415 ppi .
      Unless the screen is 4,3″ then its true 483 ppi
      so tricky…

  4. Jolly
    April 21, 2013

    Jan 30, 2013 UMI registeres with FaceBook (FB)

    Jan 30, 2013: UMI: UMI X1 Nobiles now in India
    Has anybody received this mobile, till date?

    Feb 04, 2013: UMI: Umi X1 Booking to start soon in India with 3 months replacement warranty & 1 year support via support centers ( under progress)
    No progress, so far

    Feb 06, 2013: UMI: Umi India Prebooking Help Desk Number, 9818081882 New Delhi ( 11 AM to 6 PM)

    Hardly anyone picks up this number, and never gives committment or firm reply as delivery

    Feb 06, 2013:UMI: Umi Online Pre-Booking Online now @
    They got regitration with MCA only on March 23, 2013
    Before incorporation, they started collecting money, Is MCA, RBI sleeping, yes, looks so

    Feb 15, 2013:UMI: Umi X1 Mobile handset review coming on next week !!!

    Feb 16, 2013:UMI: Umi X1 & Umi X2 both are compatible with Indian Mobile Phone Networks, as Umi has already received MSAI & BABT certification for Genuine IMEI in Dual SIM format.. meaning the handset works smoothly on 3G/2G networks without interruption

    Feb 16, 2013: UMI: Shenzhen Umi Factory opening on 23rd February, final Umi X2 Specs along with launch dates, India/China retail Prices will be out by 25th Feb.

    For India, Hindi language embedded in Android OS. Tamil, Punjabi, Gujarati, to follow soon 🙂
    Since Feb, 25, it is almost 2 months now, and still UMI is not pro-active or even bothered to reply their customers as to when they would start delivering

    Feb 20, 2013: UMI:Although Zopo is top brand in China and with good quality , we have respect for the brand. Since Zopo has opened India Pricing, we are sure that we will do lower price for India customer for Umi X1 & Umi X2 !!!
    Why comment on rival, show your existence here, first. No ethics with rivals, no loyalty for customers, who have paid

    Feb 22, 2013: UMI: Umi X1 will be upgraded as Umi X1s with quadcore processor !! Also launching in March
    Product is still not out, as of date

    Feb 23, 2013: UMI:Umi X1 Handset Review ( 8.5/10 rating)
    Aah, till this time, they were not knowing the gogi (

    Feb 25, 2013:UMI: Announces XII model specification with price which was consulted with gogi
    They met gogin just 2 days, wow, Gogi confirms this on very same day

    Feb 27, 2013:UMI:Informs about its status as FDI, logistics / banking related issues, some notable /commitment cum self-advertisement here were
    “c) Handset review will be done to all portals in India and on this website too”

    Only Gogi did this review job, rest all were copy, paste

    “f) At present, you can register your details and take order ID< we will personally call and confirm with each & every customer prior payment collection"

    Before MCA approval, invited money from prospective buyers
    Personal call, aah, they never bothered to give group message on their FB page to address concerns of its cusotmers

    "We are a very transparent company,hence we will post all status updates. Official website are & ( yeah !! we know design & updates are pending !!!)"
    Transparency is in question now

    Feb 27, 2013: UMI: India Contacts: Ajay Rao ( National Head)
    National Head looks like headless in view of what is going on

    Feb 28, 2013: Umi Mobile Ear Phones (9 photos)
    More and more photos keeps coming, surprising ear phones do not come with your order, which normally comes with every handset of any brand

    Feb 28, 2013:UMI:Umi Mobiles Brand Ambassador Program
    UMI plans to make their cusotmers as their Brand ambassador, but given the mess up……

    Feb 28, 2013:UMI:Umi Mobiles Asia Support Manager, Contact Shashi Bhatia Cell +86 -18814468446 ( On WhatsApp ~!!)

    Mr. Bhatia, as reported over FB, never replies

    Mar 01, 2013:UMI:clarifies some issues

    Mar 03, 2013:UMI: announces booking of X1 from Mar 06, and that in case of X2 from Mar,10
    Factory Stock Allocation planned
    Umi X1 Stock: 6500 pcs
    Umi X2 Stock: 18000 pcs
    Registered customers will have first choice for payment confirmation and handset delivery.

    Notably, UMI got MCA registration/approval only from Mar 28, 2013

    Mar 03, 2013:UMI:Umi Mobile Store Coming this week on Ebay India !!!!
    Not registed yet, EBAY is known for its strict policy, proves lethargy on part of UMI, and EBay is good portal to buy online, as THEY REALLY CARE FOR THEIR ONLINE CUSTOMERS

    MAR 08, 2013:UMI: Announces it Account with one of India's leading Bank, HDFC Bank and its number:A/C no :- 00327630000151
    Branch: SDA branch, New Delhi, Safdarganj

    Mar 08, 2013:UMI:Umi Mobiles welcomes new 8971+ registrations for Umi X2, few takers for Umi X1 till now ( only 6500 pcs) 🙁

    Mar 08, 2013:UMI:Announcement: For all registered customers, we will email order number and confirmation details, via email & SMS starting from Monday.
    This was infact started from mid Apr only, till then everyone were kept in the dark

    Mar 09, 2013:UMI:Umi Mobiles would like to clarify Umi X2 is in full swing and none of rumours are true, some mis-information on Chinese forum, carried forward on english product forums
    Full swing has not ended till date, to show up the device in cusotmer hand, till date

    Mar 11, 2013:UMI:Umi Mobiles X1, X1s & X2 : phone follows FCC SAR standard. The SAR limit recommended by the FCC is 1.6 W/kg.*0.495 W/kg @ 1 g(Head) and 0.537 W/Kg @ 1g(Body)
    Passes the SAR test, but did not reveals its actual levels till date, despite this being asked by many, WHAT A TRANSPARENCY

    Mar 13, 2013:Umi X1s Quadcore to be launched with Umi X2 by March end, handset review of both quadcore devices ….. within few days 🙂
    This is April end

    Mar 14, 2013: UMI:Launching the Most Awaited Device !!!
    he he he, nothing so far

    Mar 18, 2013:Umi Mobiles National Call Center Number Activated 24 X7, +91-9650745666
    Here, every customers gets option to speak either in Hindi / English, and few option to select for like payment, product enquiry etc etc

    What a fun and transparency, this message one can hear 24 x 7,

    Mar 19, 2013: UMI:Umi Mobiles X2 Launch News Covered by India TV in Super Fast 100 Tech news 🙂
    Does Media channels knows that what UMI is doing till date? Can cusotmers see the power of Media?

    Mar 19, 2013:Umi X2 getting ready for dispatch by this week !!
    This is end of April, and there is no confirm date is known

    then UMI starts bombarding its FB pages with photos only

    Mar 22, 2013:Umi Mobiles Live Chat for Customer Support Queries Online from 23rd March 10 AM to 6 PM IST

    This is still inactive

    Mar 26, 2013:UMI:Umi Mobiles to offer Free Email + 1Gb Hosted Cloud Service + 10 GB Free Paid Apps with every Umi product purchase….
    No product itself, where is the question of using ADD-Ons

    Mar 27, 2013:UMI:Umimobiles has dispatched 2 final prototypes to New Delhi via DHL and then onwards via Bluedart to Mumbai.
    Umi has also sent shell & casing for final output for India market.
    Regarding the black border, the new plastic casing covers the Corning Glass "just high enough" to have FULL screen resolution
    On review clearance, we will start deliveries 🙂

    Good, they would send the SHELL, and CASING but ouch, where is the product,he he he

    Mar 27, 2013:UMI:Umi S1 to reach India by 10th April 16 GB Model.
    Still not with customers

    Mar 28, 2013:UMI: Gets approval from Ministry of Corporate Affairs

    BUT THIS WAS NOT ANNOUNCED, for Obvious reasons

    Mar 30, 2013:UMI:Umi XII deliveries to all customers in month of April !!
    ( No April Fool joke ) !!!!!!

    So far, this is April Fool joke only

    Apr 01, 2013: UMI: Announces X1 for INR 10,500

    Apr 02, 2013: UMI:Umi Mobiles , powered by Mediatek MT6589, soon to hold press conference in New Delhi for Media !!!
    Apr 03, 2013:UMI:So many negative & pissed off people on this forum, but we are adapting a policy now of……..
    Apr 05, 2013:UMI:Umi Mobile to announce First 100 Umi X2 Customer deliveries next week.
    Umi X2 Deliveries for First 100 Customers to commence soon…
    Umi Retail Coming in April in New Delhi

    No progress as of now, but still a week is there in April, 🙂

    Apr 09, 2013:UMI:Umi Mobiles will confirm pre-selected customers for X2 deliveries this week. !!
    So, UMI knows there product is now free from bugs and tested, unless they would have not annouced this, but hey, where is the product

    Apr 11, 2013:UMI:Umi X2 Prototype Review Coming Up in next hour by Gogi !!!
    If product were ready on Apr 09, I just wonder, why prototype being sent to Gogi, what a fun

    Apr 11, 2013:UMI:Gogi gives his review for prototype

    and story of week gone by, all knows….UMI has to clarify

    MANAGEMENT LESSONS, how brand could spoil their image, if keeps giving false reply, and Marketing team is responsible for this, as they are not in sync with company policy/ethics or production department
    Another lesson, India cusotmer have good tolerance level, had it been in other country, Class suite by now would have begin

    Given to educate customers, nothing against UMI

  5. Satyen
    July 5, 2013

    Still no wording from any one of UMI. Please admin if you have contact info of UMI member, then share or ask them to reply. They are not willing to do business I think, Just looting money.

  6. siddharth shaw
    September 4, 2013