Lenovo to join the WP8 market with 1080, quad-core device

Lenovo to join the WP8 market with 1080, quad-core device


Lenovo are rumoured to be the latest phone maker to enter the Windows Phone 8 camp, with an all new quad-core, 1080 model!

Lenovo are really pushing the boat out with their current mobile phones. We already have the awesome K900, then there were those leaked Antutu scores from a purported Snapdragon 800 device and now there is an all new WP8 phone in the works!

Although Windows phones have traditionally been lower specification than there Android counterparts, leaks from sources near Lenovo suggest that they will be launching a top of the range WP8 in the near future with a possible 5-inch 1080 display and quad-core processor.

No official announcement has been made by either Mircosoft or Lenovo, but we will keep you posted if there are any new developments.

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  • tal

    wait, the reason they dont make quad core wp8 phones was said to be because wp8 doesnt support 4 cores? at least that’s what i read

    • braddy

      If Windows 8 PC can, I am sure that WP8 support it… If you Believe in Magic..

  • Camaman

    So it will only utilize two… nobody will know.
    And the 4 core cpu is like $13…

  • Zebra

    Dont wanna sound like a dick, but I think you should spell check your articles before posting

  • shaikh jamal

    nothings better than a nokia lumia, if you want to try windows phone 8.

  • wat

    Actually windows phone 8 can support up to 64 cores