Oppo N1 16 mega-pixel sensor spotted, N1 to have SD card expansion!

Components rumoured to be the new Oppo N-lens sensor have turned up on Weibo. Is the the 16 mega-pixel sensor for the Oppo N1?

A Weibo user and employee at Oppo has posted the above photo which they claim is the new camera sensor for the Oppo N1 smartphone which will launch next month.

According to the Weibo post the sensor is a 16 mega-pixel Sony unit which will be available in both a thin and thick version for use in different phone bodies. The thinner model of the sense is capable of 10x optical zoom where as the standard thick version is capable of 15x optical zoom. Both versions offer built-in image stabilization.

Along with details of the camera the post goes on to say that the Oppo N1 will support NFC (seen in action here), and SD card memory expansion.

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