Sony posts ‘No More Leaks’ Sign, gets leaked!

Sony posts ‘No More Leaks’ Sign, gets leaked!


Sony aren’t doing a great job of keeping a lid on their latest products so have posted signs around their Chinese offices asking to help prevent leaks, which has been leaked.

Of all the Android phone makers out there it is Sony who seem to be finding it hard to trust employees and partners at supply chains from leaking their newest products. As a precaution they have posted a ‘No more leaks’ sign in offices around China, which has been photographed and posted online already.

The sign is written in English, Chinese and Japanese and warns employees of the strict rules about prototypes. Let’s see if this help resolves the issue in coming months.

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  • I think they refer to some other kind of leakage, and not ‘leaks’.

    • Ahinigami

      If you look properly on the image, there is a “Confidential” word in the letter.

    • Marek J.

      It’s definitely leaks – the notice says:

      No more leakage!

      Strictly follow prototype usage rules for confidential phones
      * Do not use phones without protective covers
      * Do not show phones to individuals outside of Sony Mobile

      And so on

  • POiSoN

    I think leaked pics and informations are part of any company marketing for the product.. because blogs are extremely important.

    So i think SONY is asking there employees to make more leaks