Hands on video of the Sunnycube N9000, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone

Proving once again that Chinese clone makers are terrible at naming their devices here is the first hands on video with the Sunnycube N9000 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone.

Sometimes we often wonder why clone phone manufacturer don’t just make their own unique designs, then we are reminded by their lack of imagination when seeing names like this!

The Sunnycube N9000, looks extremely similar to the No.1 Note 3 even down to the (fake) leather-bound rear panel and even packs a similar specification which includes a 1.2Ghz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 5.7-inch 720 display and Android 4.2 with Touchwiz skin.

Below is a hands on with the knock-off phablet showing, it’s rather thick body and capitative stylus. Certainly not a phone we would ever hope to own, but interesting none the less.

Hands on video of Sunnycube N9000

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