Zopo confirms first batch of 8-core ZP998 won’t come with 32GB memory!

Customers who are still patiently waiting to receive their 8-core MT6592 smartphones from Zopo received some unwelcome news today after the company announced the first phones won’t have 32GB of internal memory.

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Zoposhop.com, the officially shop for Zopo international have announced that due to a issue relating to ‘power consumption’ the first batch of 8-core ZP998 smartphones will not launch with 32GB of built-in storage. This is bound to upset some customers who preordered the 32GB version of the phone and have been waiting more than a month to get their hands on the device.

To attempt to make up for the problem, Zopo are offering to ship a 16GB SD card with the phones ordered in the pre-ordered sales.

Understandably customers are now beginning to get a little upset with the whole situation and it is looking less likely that phones will arrive in time for Christmas day!

This is why I never recommend pre-sales!

[ Zoposhop ]
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  1. Chindi Atseh
    December 23, 2013

    If you were like me and ordered the phone the moment the site came online, well, the site didn’t mention anything about preorder yet. Mistake 1: site went online before it was ready.
    Mistake 2: Coupon code for free shipping didn’t work so lets give some shitty items instead.
    Mistake 3: Don’t communicate when it will be shipped
    Mistake 4: Tell people on the 21st that it wil be shipped on the 25th but suddenly realise you made the wrong phones with only half the rom you promised so write a email with a fake reason about ‘power consumption’.

    Do they really think any1 will believe they only finished testing the phones 3 days before it will be shipped and only 1 day after they said when they will be shipped? “Good” company if they can fabricate 7000phones in 48h.

    • tweetycontrabajo
      December 23, 2013

      extreme trolling

    • Danial
      December 23, 2013

      exactly! the first time i read their email i was like are you kidding me? what an idiot should i be to believe your childish lies?? it shouldnt be the problem with mtk6592 because thl t100 is already out with 32gb of storage! zopo goofed up in the factory somewhere! and a cheap crappy slow useless class 4 tf card (which they will always sell ) is not gonna compensate us!
      that would be more acceptable if they’ve tried to give us a 64GB class 10 high speed sandisk micro sd card!

      after waiting this long they are completely playing with us!….

      no Zopo 16gb tf card won’t make up for the 32GB INTERNAL STORAGE!

      • Chris
        December 26, 2013

        Agreed 100%

  2. Konged
    December 23, 2013

    I am in hong Kong and I went into a shop that sells a lot of zopo phones. I spoke to the store staff about the 998 or c2 v2. They said they had a whole batch that they had to return because it was very unstable and they do not expect a stable release of the 998 till may be end of Jan or more even after lunar new year. Seems like because the 6592 is a new forefront mtk platform, the rush yo be the first is having problem. If this is true then I think it better to wait for the dust to settle a bit before splashing out. I hope buyers who have waited patiently ddon’t get stumped and may be beware if reduced priced 998 on ae.

  3. tego1
    December 24, 2013

    I´m going to cancel my order today and find some decent quad core with decent battery.
    I was upset as I first read their email but now I´m starting to be glad. If it´s true that the 32GB version has so big power consumption then I understand from this that the battery doesn´t last till evening and I´m afraid the 16GB version can´t last much more. One hour maybe?

    • Fogster
      December 24, 2013

      I’ve cancelled my order today and am considering looking for a decent quad core for around $300 or waiting a month or so to see what other 8 cores are available then.

  4. Allanitomwesh
    December 24, 2013


  5. tweetycontrabajo
    December 24, 2013

    Trying to cancel my order.
    Very upset about this.
    Even the secong presale with a higher price: 330$
    But they “decided” to do it with 16 GB ROM.

  6. Adrian
    December 24, 2013

    At first I was upset that they excluded the 850mhz bands but now I’m glad they did because had I not looked elsewhere… I would be steaming mad about this pre-order ROM bull… I think it’s best to just hold out at this point… the Tech is too premature

  7. Arschi
    December 26, 2013

    Also canceling my order, contacted paypal and said I will probably make use of the buyers protection service if zopo is not returning the money.
    Mail and Skype communication of zopo is really bad, received a direct call from zopo on 24. dec which sounded really bad, a skype call I guess, hard to understand

  8. Chris
    December 26, 2013

    When I pre-ordered I assumed the ZP998 had been prototyped and tested and was in final production. Buy their own admittance it’s now clear that Zopo had not tested the phone and was nowhere near to final production.
    I cancelled my order and have also contacted PayPal regarding this.
    Based on this experience with Zopo I strongly advise against dealing with them.

    • Chris
      December 26, 2013

      I went to my local DoCoMo shop here in Tokyo and with a 2-year contract I can get a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for free, they will SIM unlock it for $30 and because I’m moving across from Softbank Mobile they’ll give me $400 cash to spend!
      Goodbye Zopo.

      • Chris
        December 30, 2013

        It was $300 cash-back and its easily the best phone I have ever owned.
        I filed a case with PayPal and was refunded my $325.43 a few minutes ago.

        Did I get a note of apology from Zopo?

        What do you thing?

        • Chris
          December 30, 2013

          To emphasize….the Galaxy Note 3 is the best phone I have ever owned.
          As far as I’m concerned the ZP998 is just an over-hyped piece of history.

  9. Stefan
    December 30, 2013

    Zopo are clowns. The release of the ZP998 could not have been handled worse. Lie after lie and non existing support. They did not respond on skype, email or to my paypal dispute. After escalating the dispute paypal gave me my money back within minutes though. I would never ever buy a phone from Zopo again, even if the zp998 looks gorgeous.Their attitude against customers, their lies and non existing support is not worth paying for. Now I have my eyes on the Vivo Xplay 3S instead. Sure, a lot more expensive, but you get a great phone, and its NOT Zopo! 🙂

  10. Don Binnick
    January 16, 2014

    I am
    one of your most valued customers and a fan of Zopo smart phones. I buy and
    resale zopo smart phones. I also do promotion to market Zopo product for my
    retail store in Spain and Africa. But sincerely speaking I am beginning to hate
    this company for fooling everyone about the release of Zopo 998 with 32gb Rom.
    Earlier on you made a campaign about the release of the new product 32GbZopo
    998. I have already asked most of my clients not buy any Samsung or popular
    brand that the zopo 998 32gbRom is the best bet for them and their money. The
    most loyal customers listened to my advice and waited only to my surprise that
    the only available Zopo 998 is 16Gb Rom. This is really absurd to hear that we can’t
    buy the so call 32gbZopo 998. Please let us know if this model is a failure. In
    fact we are beginning to have doubt and fear for the new 32gb Zopo 998. If at
    all someday it comes out, it will be too late for you to amend the damage made
    earlier on. There are a lot of mobile like THL, Ares etc who have released
    phones with similar characteristic and are making waves. I can’t understand why
    you decided to full yourselves by making a campaign for a model that can’t be
    seen or purchased. Are you sure you guys will last in the mobile business at
    all. Please think twice you must go back to your board of commercial directors
    who decided this idea that already you are in trouble. I will advise all Zopo
    fans to unite and to reject all your 16gb Zopo 998. There should be respect for
    buyers and fans. If your strategy is to stock the 32GB zopo998 for sometime
    after making much sales for the 16 Gb then release the 32gb model, then you are
    not ready for business. All fingers are not equal, bring out all the brands and
    put a price tag on each that is how business goes. People who have money for
    the 32gb Rom will go for it and those for the 16Gb Rom will still buy, not
    fooling yourselves and fooling us. You are a failure. I will make a campaign on
    YouTube to mobilize and sensitized people. I hate tricks. I will give 2 weeks
    from now to sort this out.