ARCHOS Smartwatch Teased Ahead of CES

Yesterday we showed you ARCHOS’ planned system of what it calls Connected Devices, designed to turn your ordinary home into something Jetson-esque. Today ARCHOS began teasing a line of Smartwatches they also plans to unveil at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). ARCHOS U.S. website has but a sole image of the watch displaying the time and date of 2:02, JAN 5th with a “coming soon” teaser in the corner and the promise that the watches are “The Perfect Companions for Your SmartPhone.”

It is unclear if any ARCHOS Smartwatch will connect with ARCHOS’ Connected Devices network. It seems like the logical next step for the company considering the timing of the two product lines’ announcements. But it also seems like ARCHOS would be upfront about if it felt the two products had impressive cross device features. We will simply have to wait until CES on January 7th or January 5th (The date on the watch ARCHOS showed off) to find out more.

The watch in the teaser appears to have a rubber band, a body with one curved and one flat side with two physical buttons and a clear, black and white LCD screen. In the press release on ARCHOS’ U.K. site announcing the Connected Devices, ARCHOS slipped in a short paragraph about the watches, saying “[The]smartwatches [will be]starting at under £50.” (83USD, 60EUR) and that they will stress “simplicity and function” while being compatible with both Android and iOS.

The planned line of smartwatches are not the only wearable ARCHOS has planned. The upcoming Connected Devices system includes a fitness tracker and blood pressure monitor.

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