LG might take the Sony route by making the G3 water and dust proof

According to reports landing in from LG’s home country, the next big thing from LG, the G3 might come in a water/dust-proof avatar, something Sony is known to be doing for quite some time.

With IP67 certification (and the likes) fast catching up, it is about time that LG too get in contention. It’s not only the big guns that are swayed the waterproof route, smaller, upcoming manufacturers such as Wickedleak have also shown interest in providing waterproof hardware to their young set of customers, albeit not with the ear pleasing IP67 certification.

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The G3 will go head-on against the usual suspects for this year — the already seen Samsung Galaxy S5, the upcoming HTC ‘All New’ One (M8), Sony Xperia Z2, etc.

With a lot of smartphones getting damaged by water spills every year, we for one think it is quite sensible to have such a feature on your expensive smartphone. However, since there’s no confirmation on this yet we have to state the cliché; take it with a pinch of salt.

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  1. Stef
    March 9, 2014

    This is the stupidest trend on phones ever. As if they are not big enough they make them bigger , merely to offer the dubious advantage of water resistance. In the 15 years I own phones only in one situation I *maaay* had needed it and I’m sure the statistic is similar for most people too.

    But ergonomics, I need them every time and ip certifications are a disaster to ergonomics. What a malevolent gimmick…

    • batpro
      March 10, 2014

      Stef, are you real? I lost my Samsung Galaxy S4 to water damage a few months after I paid a full $700 USD for it. And becuase I was not longer on contract they wouldn’t repair.
      The phone was in my pocket and I had a water bottle that had a slight hole it the bottom and the water dripped into the top of my pocket and went right inside the phone seam. I couldn’t believe it. A few drops of water fried the screen and I got to spend $260 to get the screen assembly replaced
      This is the SMARTEST trend ever for phones!
      My friends and I boat a lot and constantly have to hide the phones from water splash.
      Do you ever get out and do any real recreational activites outside? Anyone that is active would love this feature!

      • Stef
        March 10, 2014

        I never take the phone with me in a recreational activity, why would I? Apart from water damage blunt damage is much more likely. I leave it in a jacket.

        It’s a niche requirement, and you’re welcome to buy an “outdoorsy” phone specifically equipped for these kind of needs. They can resist blunt damage too.

        By making all flagships waterproof they are also making them unbelievably unwieldy robbing us the choice of ergonomics… They trade usability for “safety”… that’s never OK.

        • March 10, 2014

          You might not, but I always take a phone with me when mountain biking, BMX etc. This is certainly the type of thing I would be interested in.

          In all my years riding and testing phones I have never broken one, up until yesterday when it fell from my pocket when playing with my kids 🙁

          • Stef
            March 10, 2014

            Indeed but in your case being water proof wouldnt had helped much either. In fact that’s kinda my point. Need for an IP certification regarding water/dust damage is kind of a niche (for example those that like boat trips would indeed have use of that feature).

            Yet if it is implemented everywhere we all have to live with the consequences (phones 10% larger), that’s why I called it a negative trend. It affects everyone yet helps only few.

  2. Bailey
    March 10, 2014

    @Wat you want a 64 bit processor to do what with?