Update: Nubia X6 launched with 6.44-inch 1080 display, dual SIM and Snapdragon...

Update: Nubia X6 launched with 6.44-inch 1080 display, dual SIM and Snapdragon 801

nubia x6 hero

The launch of the Nubia X6 is currently in full swing here in China, but full specifications of the phone have already been released.

As we discovered yesterday evening, the Nubia X6 has launched with a 6.44-inch 1920 x 1080 display rather than the 2K unit many rumours had us believe, but that’s fine as what we see we really like, especially dual SIM support!

nubia x6 launch

nubia x6 launch

Nubia phones are known for their great all round network support and the big news here is that the Nubia X6 is better still. Not phone does the phablet support TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, EVDO, CDMA, GSM, WCDMA and TD-SDCMA but it also boast dual SIM support and will be unlocked for use on any carrier! This is huge news for anyone who has been looking for a flagship dual SIM phone!

nubia x6 launch

The dual SIM’s a are both micro SIMs and are located in a single SIM tray. This decision must have been made so that the Nubia engineers could squeeze everything in to the slim 7.9mm all alloy body!

nubia x6 launch

Don’t worry about the thickness though as in the case of the X6 it does not translate to a tiny battery capacity, quite the opposite in fact as the Nubia X6 has a monstrous 4250mAh battery on board which should provide enough juice to keep the 2.5Ghz Snadpragon 801 (8974AC) processor and huge 6.44-inch display going all day.

nubia x6 launch

Speaking of the processor, Nubia claim the X6 is capable of Antutu benchmarks of 38,005 points!

nubia x6 launch

nubia x6 launch

The display is a 1920 x 1080 OGS model with a pixel density of 344ppi with narrow-ish bezels on either side, which wrap around to an alloy rear which will come in a variety of colours including gold.

nubia x6 launch

As with the current Nubia Z5S the Nubia X6 has impressive camera hardware too. The rear camera being a 13 mega-pixel unit with f2.0 aperture and OIS (optical image stabilisation) to keep camera shake to a minimum and 5 lens arrangement for higher quality photos.

nubia x6 launch

The front camera also appears to be a 13 mega-pixel 5 lens unit with smaller f2.2 aperture.

nubia x6 launch

nubia x6 launch

nubia x6 launch

Camera features are one of the area’s Nubia have really worked on and the new Nubia UI includes some new features to enhance photos and give more control over low-light images.

nubia x6 launch

Other features of the Nubia X6 include an updated version of Nubia UI, NFC, 3 microphones, OTG, Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI display and 2.5/5.0ghz WIFI.

We are still waiting for the launch to conclude and will bring pricing and release date details in an update.

x6 64g price

x6 32g price

The 32GB version of teh Nubia X6 with 2.3ghz processor will go on sale in China for 2999 Yuan, and the 2.5Ghz Snapdragon 801 model with 64GB internal memory will go on sale for 3499 Yuan.

[ Main image source, Launch details via Mydrivers ]
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  • Brooklyn701

    A 5-Inch version of that with exactly those specs (apart for the battery of course) would be a dream come true. 3200mah would be tops.

    • antidumb

      nubia z5s?

      • Brooklyn701

        Is there any way to buy the Z5S outside of china? Is it dual SIM?

  • Rob

    Never considered a Nubia before but this has some seriously impressive specs (take note Oneplus), am tempted by this depending on international price of course.

  • Faux-News

    Huawei Mate 2 this year is getting lots of competition, unlike what Mate 1 faced last year.

  • wtf

    Hey Andi. It doesnt support dual sim !! Maybe will upgrade later but seems for the moment X6 doesnt support dual sim. Seems doesnt support 3G and 4G dual standby for the moment. Maybe this will be fixed with a firmware upgrade though.

    • Yes it has dual sim. See the photos from the launch above

      • Ray Quest

        NO MICRO SD ? then its bad

  • So it took a bit of digging, but it found some of the specs on the Nubia website.

    FD-LTE Bands: 3/7
    TD-LTE Bands: 38/39/40
    CDMA (why? no CDMA carrier on the planet will let you bring an unlocked phone)

    It also looks like the only one getting the faster AC processor and 3GB is the 128GB version. The 64GB version is the same in all the rest of the specs as the 32GB one.

    I really wish they had FD-LTE Band 1 support as well so the phone would be a multi-band Asia phone rather than just a HK/China phone. And I don’t understand why they bothered with CDMA at all when they could have added FD-LTE bands 1/4/17 and made it a real world phone.

    It’s also a bit disappointing that it’s launching with Android 4.3.

  • ramdroid

    lenovo vibe z ???

  • Sanxion1

    Does anybody know if the 3GB, 128GB version is available to buy yet?