The Cleaner Android App Review

the cleaner android app review

Keeping your Android phone or tablet free of junk is important if you want to keep it running like new. There are plenty of apps our there which promise to help you do this, but not many look and work as well as The Cleaner app.

No matter how careful you are with your Android device, you are always going to start collecting junk in the form of either small files from leftover installs, cached app details or even old applications themselves.

The Cleaner is a Free Android application which aids you in the upkeep of your Android device, and unlike most free to download applications The Cleaner is simple and easy to use with a great looking UI.

The Cleaner App Review

How often is it that you find an application that promises to suit your needs for you to only find that it has the most ugly UI and UX ever?! Sure Android apps are getting better in the looks departments, but there are still some great apps our there spoiled looks.

Thankfully The Cleaner app doesn’t fall in to this category. Not only are the features useful and simple to understand, but the look is neat, clean and uncluttered.

The Cleaner App Review – Basic features

the cleaner android app review

The app is set out with a neat ‘tabbed’ menu which allows you to choose which form of memory you which to analyse and clean first. The first screen (shown below) is the system memory or the amount of RAM you can recover by running the app.

the cleaner android app review

After Analyzing the phone The Cleaner will tell you all of the apps which are currently running and using up RAM. From the menu you can uncheck the apps you wish to keep running and once your are happy hit ‘Clean’.

Depending on the amount of apps which need to be cleaned up, and the speed of your device the cleaning process should only take a few seconds. Once complete you will be told how much RAM has been recovered complete with a timeline of previous cleans.

Either swiping to the left of your screen or tapping the next tab in the menu will bring us the next cleaning option, which is the storage of the device. Running this will get rid of any junk files or and caches. Again you can choose to check or uncheck what you want to delete or clean.

The Cleaner App Review – Smart Monitoring

Usually cleaning apps or built-in app cleaners on your Android ROM will stop with simply cleaning the storage and RAM, but The Cleaner goes a few steps further.

the cleaner android app review

The next tab is the Apps area which gives you a lot of useful information and sorts apps in to neat categories from the date you installed the app, or the permissions the apps require.

For me the most interesting option is the “App Usage” menu. From the time you install The Cleaner it will begin to monitor which apps you use, and how often you use them. It will take a few days for you to get a good idea of your app usage, but once monitoring is accurate it will give you a great idea of which apps you actually need on your device and decide if you really need to keep them.

I believe that Im quite sparing with the number of Applications I have on my phone, but still have overt 70 apps taking up precious space, but the number of apps I actually use is probably closer to 15.

The Cleaner App Review – Conversations

The final tab in The Cleaner lets the app look at your conversations, or text messages and phone calls. Every time your phone makes a call or receives a message a tiny piece of memory is used, and if you have 1000s of messages or calls the space can add up.

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the cleaner android app review

This time around you will actually have the option to check each conversation and delete them one by one. This is good on one hand as it means you get to carefully check which you delete, but on the other hand it is a real time killer if you have 100’s of messages to run through. A ‘Select all’ option would be a great addition here, especially if you know there is nothing worth saving. Another possible method of solving this could be to add a important list of contacts whose messages won’t be deleted until checked. Perhaps these are ideas which will be added in further updates?

The Cleaner App Review – Settings

With an app so powerful and well thought out I was a little worried as to what to expect when hitting the “settings” menu. Would there be a huge amount of complicated features to go through? Would pop-up ads start to spring up?

the cleaner android app review

Thankfully things in the “settings” area are just as good-looking and user-friendly as elsewhere.

Settings are kept on a minimum and simply include the option to show notifications from the app, how often the “Auto Scan” feature should begin, sharing options to social networks and options to Change Themes or Remove ads.

The Cleaner App Review – Ads and themes

In app adverts can be very irritating. They either get in the way of a good app, or they are added like and after through spoiling the look of the app as a whole. The Liquidium team though have given their ads some considerable thought though.

When starting the app for the first time you will be shown an ad telling you that you can unlock themes and widgets, but the ad is designed to look like the rest of the UI and is more like a helpful system message rather than an annoying pop-up ad. That’s not to say you could click it by mistake and make an accidental purchase though, it is very clear that what you are seeing is an ad, just not an annoying one.

One that initial advert is closed you can use The Cleaner as usual without seeing anything pop up or spoil the beautiful UI.

If you do wish to get full access to the app you can do so from the settings by choosing the “Themes” or “Remove Ads” options.

You will also notice that there is a small gift box icon to the right of the menu tabs, this is also an in app purchase area and will either link to themes for The Cleaner, or give you a list of “sponsored” apps.

The Cleaner App Review – Conclusion

In a nutshell The Cleaner app is a great way to keep your Android device free of junk and keep your RAM nice and free making your phone or tablet faster and smoother to use.

I really love the professional cleaning look of the app and the easy to use but powerful options. I’m even impressed by how restrained the adverts are.

Overall The Cleaner is a great app and a good addition to your Android user experience, so good in fact I would happily upgrade to the fully activated version to use widgets and have the option to change the themes.

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