Hugo Barra says Xiaomi are big fans for Android One

Android One has gained many many fans, but one of their highest profile fans must be Hugo Barra and the Xiaomi team.

Xiaomi, known for their great value phones and highly customised version of Android known as MIUI, are apparently big fans of the Android One initiative started by Google earlier this year.

Android One is basically a method of phone makers to build simple and affordable Android smartphones that run Android how Google like it. I.E simple and stock. The benefit of an Android One device is that customers will receive timely updates direct from Google without having to wait for manufacturers to get around to it.

So far a number of high profile Indian phone makers have joined the Android One plan, but Hugo Barra has hinted that Xiaomi could be on board soon too. In a recent interview, Barra claimed that he and fellow Xiaomi bosses were big fans of Android One, and would be interested in launching their own Android One device.

Such a phone would obviously gain Xiaomi more fans around the world, but would also be a strange move as they would have to leave behind MIUI, one of the major selling points of owning a Mi device.

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