4.75mm Vivo X5 Max launching 10th December with dual SIM

vivo x5 max launch

Vivo have announced the launch date for their uber thin Vivo X5 Max is set for 10th December. Here are some more details.

Vivo are set to steal the worlds thinnest smartphone crown from Oppo with their new Vivo X4 Max. Current the Oppo R5 is the worlds thinnest at 4.85mm but that phone lacks a 3.5mm head phone jack and other features which many smartphone users take for granted.

Vivo must have known this all along as their phone will not only be slightly thinner at 4.75mm but it will get a standard head phone jack along with a dual SIM tray! The dual SIM tray will even have the option to run two SIM cards or a single SIM plus micro SD card making this phone not only thin but very useable.

vivo x5 max sd

As for the rest of the specs well it is believe that the phone will have a 5-inch 1080 FHD display, 2GB RAM and run a 64bit Mediatek octacore processor. As usual Vivo are promising great audio performance in their thin package.

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