Meizu Blue Charm Note passes through TENAA, here are the details

meizu blue charm note tenna

After rumours of the Meizu Blue Charm Note (aka M463M) was seen at TENAA we have managed to uncover the official database listing with images and a few confirmed specification details.

The TENAA site, like the FCC in the U.S, is a great source of phone leaks ahead of the official launches. From these official details we can confirm a few details of new devices such as the soon to be released Meizu Blue Charm Note.

From the official listings we can confirm a few details including the dimensions of the phone which are 150.7 x 75.2 x 9mm, we can also confirm that TD-LTE and FDD-LTE are both supported and the display on the new Meizu is a 5.5-inch 1080 FHD model.

The next section of the official details confirm that the processor in the Blue Charm Note (Meilan) is a 1.7Ghz CPU, the fact that LTE is supported leads us to believe that the SoC is a 64bit Mediatek MT6752 chipset. We can also see that 2GB RAM is listed and 16GB of internal memory.

Gizchina News of the week

In earlier leaks camera details were not made available, but we can now confirm that the rear sensor is a 13 mega-pixel while the front is 5 mega-pixel. A strange choice as the more expensive MX4 has just a 2 mega-pixel front shooter. Android 4.4 is listed as the OS, so we will have to wait some time before a Lollipop version of Flyme is announced.

The TENAA docs also give us the first official look at the Meizu Blue Charm Note, which resembles the Meizu MX3, but seems to have a unibody design. Physical volume controls lives on the left side of the phone, while we have a sim tray on the right hand of the phone.

Other details are a dual LED rear flash and a traditional Meizu home button on the chin of the phone.

Overall the Blue Charm Note looks like a great phone, in fact it looks a little too good when compared to the Meizu MX4! Does the MX4 really offer any benefit over the new Blue Charm? What do you think of this new Meizu device?

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  1. SnowyCat
    December 20, 2014

    nice after the other picture i thought the frame would be thicker ~ but nice thin bezels ^_^

    i just hope for a version with white backcover instead of version obv.

    • Raul
      December 20, 2014

      all the phones passing through tenaa are grey because they are saturated pictures

  2. Βαγγώνης Σαμαρέλος
    December 20, 2014

    The time of the iphone 2G passed away! The chinese phone companies have to decide that they should design something different and stop making replicas of old products.

    • SnowyCat
      December 20, 2014

      there are only so many designs you can shape a smartphone..its not like you can bring a totally weird design that makes no sense.

      • intruda
        December 20, 2014

        Yeah I’ll never understands that. What do people want.

  3. Guaire
    December 20, 2014

    Near perfect for it’s price category.

    It’s smaller size considering display size will provide an edge against competitors. Not just best in it’s category, also smaller than twice as expensive Oneplus One.

    Photos doesn’t look good but TENAA photos always is. I suppose actual machine will be quite handsome, especially blue one. Suits it’s name.

    Only missing thing is Micro SD.

    Seems to me Blue Charm Note will set some new standards for 1000 yuan phablet category. Uglier and bulkier phablets no more will be acceptable.

    That gonna nail Redmi Note in China IMO. Moreover I will be surprised if Xiaomi developed Redmi Note 2 with better specs and design.

    I guess Redmi Note 2 will be revealed soon.

  4. Jason45
    December 20, 2014

    The listing also shows that the screen type is TFT, unfortunately no IPS for great viewing angles. Also the weight is 146 gram.

    • trolleyfan
      December 20, 2014

      IPS is a subset of TFT, read wikipedia 😉

  5. Lumia
    December 20, 2014

    I feel confused now,, Meizu Blue Charm Note Or Jiayu S3 Advanced ?
    Jiayu S3 have more Ram,, and both have almost the same screen size and res.
    but Jiayu S3 will have a Dual Stereo Speakers. and will also have a micro SD card slot beside dual sim was also confirmed here in Gizchina that the rear sensor of jiayu s3 is IMX214 which is great , as it means 4K video shooting and maybe higher frame rates too.
    on the other hand , Meizu’s blue charm note have almost the same battery capacity .. and we can’t expect it to have an audio chip like the mx4 pro..very confusing to say the least
    what do you think Andi ?

    • Tim
      December 20, 2014

      My choices Jiayu S3, Iuni U4 and or Mi4 now with 4G LTE-FDD

  6. Lumia
    December 20, 2014

    oh,, i almost forgot,, how about the Dakele 3 ? i know its little higher in price,, but im also waiting for that handsome close,, lol

  7. nick
    December 20, 2014

    dayum would be nice to have a 4.9 inch version

  8. Angry Mobile Nerd
    December 20, 2014

    I like how thorough TENAA tries to be but in a typical China-is-still-a-developing-country-fashion they forgot to photograph (or document in any way) the top and bottom of the device. Because you know, the volume rockers are so important and the charging port in no way can possibly be dangerous.